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Composter - application

A composter is a container or a place where the collected organic household waste is subject to the decomposition process and is naturally transformed into the best fertilizer for our plants, i.e. compost . This process can be compared to the decomposition of forest litter, it is a very light and fertile substrate that nourishes and strengthens the vegetation in a natural way without human intervention. For the proper process of compost creation, we need a variety of materials that are properly decomposed and create a full-fledged substrate, called "black gold" by gardeners.

Subsequent stages of compost production

For the production of compost , we use plant remnants of our food (except citrus), paper (without printing) that provides cellulose, mowed grass, ragged leaves, small weeds left after weeding (without seeds). Biomass should be placed in layers, separating it with branches, which will provide oxygen to the inside of the composter , necessary for the processing of organic matter. With the help of bacteria, molds developing in the composter and processing of the accumulated mass of earthworms, and with the access of oxygen, we will obtain compost within a few months to a year. To facilitate the access of air to the inside of the biomass, we must mix the collected material from time to time.

Criteria of choice

A very good solution in this case are ready-made plastic composters because they are durable, do not deteriorate during composting , and also protect the collected mass from excessive flooding during a downpour, which leads to unwanted rotting of the compost . Such needs are met with a very interesting offer, for example, by the AL-KO company, which offers very interesting solutions, offering products made entirely of recycled materials and perfectly constructed. When buying a ready-made composter , special attention should be paid to whether it has airing holes, whether there is easy access to the waste chute and whether we will be able to properly mix our compost . In addition, it is very important that such a composter has a hole in the lower part through which we can extract the ready fertilizer. Composters have now become an indispensable element of any garden that allows for the economic use of waste. By using them, we not only gain by reducing the amount of waste produced on our farm, but also obtain the best possible and, above all, natural fertilizer for our gardens and vegetable gardens. When you decide to buy a composter in our store, you can count on friendly and professional help from our advisors, as well as solid and durable products of top brands available on our market.