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New - Iseki

Iseki machines - why is it worth it?

We present our offer of new machines from the Japanese brand Iseki. Thanks to a wide range of equipment and a large selection of additional accessories, you can easily find what you need in our store. You will find various models of mini tractors at affordable prices, with the option of installment purchase or leasing. Compact dimensions, powerful engine and 4x4 drive are just some of the reasons why you should choose one of the equipment from Iseki. With options to modify by including the appropriate attachments, the tractor has many application possibilities, including mowing, digging and harvesting . Models such as the Iseki TM 3187 AL 4 x 4 18 KM or the Iseki TH 5370 AHLK 4x4 25KM are equipment that will be perfect for any garden work. The Japanese company Iseki is characterized by the high quality of its machines and their reliability, which translates into many years of use.

Iseki machines - multifunctionality and reliability

Thanks to their multifunctionality, Iseki tractors can be used at any time of the year. Many types of additional systems allow specific work to be carried out. During the winter season, when snow and icy roads are a problem, the tractor can be equipped with a dedicated snowplow or salt spreader. For spring and summer garden work, a special mowing system with the option of collecting or mulching ensures the perfect look and condition of your lawn. The front loader will ensure the speed and efficiency in arranging a pond, swimming pool or construction works. Thanks to the centrifugal spreader, which ensures even distribution of material, you can easily plant new plants or spread fertilizer. Small dimensions make Iseki tractors perfect for any garden, also in narrow alleys and alleys. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Iseki machines - the highest product quality

The Iseki company is a manufacturer of devices intended, among others, for mowing, digging and harvesting. From the very beginning of the brand's operation, it focuses primarily on meeting the needs of all consumers. A large selection of parts and accessories allows the application of many tractor models to be extended. Thanks to the highest quality equipment, Iseki is recognized and chosen by specialists around the world, and its equipment can be found under such names as: AGCO, Bolens, Massey Ferguson and White. This brand combines Japanese accuracy and German innovation. When designing individual devices, special attention is paid to every detail. Before the machines are released to the market, they undergo numerous, thorough tests to ensure their reliability. Thanks to this, the customer gains a guarantee of long-term operation, reliability and high efficiency of each equipment. If you have additional questions or help in choosing the right machine, please contact our staff.