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Double-sided flail mower with a hydraulic shift AG 180 4FARMER

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Double-sided flail mower with a hydraulic shift AG 180 4FARMER

The choice of agricultural machinery to help maintain green spaces is getting bigger. Currently, we can choose how we want to mow meadows, wastelands, green areas, and what we want to do with the mowed grass.

Flail mowers have become a very interesting proposition for many of our customers. Some people refer to them as "special purpose" mowers because they can also mow long grass without any problems. As the name suggests, flail mowers are mowers in which the mowing function is performed by flails placed on the cutting shaft. The cutting shaft rotates at the appropriate speed around its axis, shearing what is above the set height.

AG 180 double-sided flail mower, commonly known as " mulcher ", is a type of heavy-duty double-sided mower, which will work well for mowing green areas in cities or wastelands, meadows and pastures. It is definitely a product that will also fulfill its task in municipal companies when taking care of green areas. The advantage is the ability to attach both to the front and rear of the tractor.

In which areas will the mower be 100% used?

  • in orchards and plant nurseries,
  • in green areas and parks,
  • in meadows, pastures,
  • in the bushes,
  • on wastelands,
  • in neglected areas, where there may be stones, branches (max. diameter 80 mm) or other obstacles

It is very important to check the sharpness of the mowing mechanism regularly with a flail mower. This ensures that mowing is effective and efficient.

The flail mower not only mows the grass but also mulches it. What is it about?

It is a technique of mowing grass / other organic materials and shredding the cut material into a natural fertilizer that fertilizes the soil. The advantage of mulching is also preventing soil erosion, slowing down the growth of weeds and, importantly, depriving us of unwanted mowed grass, for example, which is often an additional problem.

We can mulch not only grass, but also crop residues, thanks to which we reduce the amount of post-harvest residues by providing the soil with natural fertilizer and protecting it against pests, e.g. in the stems of the above-ground parts of plants.

The AG 180 flail mower (mulcher) has a cutting width of 178 cm, an intermediate size of the four available widths. The mower can be mounted both at the front and rear of the tractor, it also has a hydraulic shift. The drive from the tractor's PTO shaft is 540 rpm.

When choosing a flail mower , it is very important to choose the right mower for the power and weight of your tractor. The AG 180 flail mower (mulcher) requires a minimum of 80 HP for a large tractor weight.


Minimum required tractor power (HP HP PS)
working width (mm)
3 point
Front linkage
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Number of hammers
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The 4FARMER brand has an offer that is becoming more and more popular. It was created as a result of market observation and increasing demand for goods and machines used in agricultural and fruit production. Its offer includes high-class agricultural machines and gardening equipment used not only for care, but also for cleaning work on the farm and garden. The products are designed to perform their functions as best as possible, making everyday work easier for customers.

The 4FARMER brand was established in 2010 and is currently one of the most dynamically developing brands on the agricultural machinery market. The products have gained the trust of many customers in Poland and abroad. 4FARMER products are widely used in many areas of agriculture, both on small farms and large production plants.

Wide offer of 4FARMER:

The 4FARMER brand has a wide range of agricultural machines: snow plows , diggers for root crops , tractor excavators , cable layers , sprayers , earth drilling rigs , rollers, graders , chippers , transport boxes , trailers , sweepers , as well as a wide range of lawn mowers , mowers. flail tillers , tillers and cultivators . The offer will also include a functional, compact model of the 4FARMER F24D 24KM 4x4 tractor .

The most important advantages of the 4FARMER brand?

  • Wide offer - Regardless of whether you are a farmer, gardener or orchardist, you will certainly find something for yourself among the 4FARMER offer.
  • Simple operation - 4FARMER equipment has been designed to be easy to use and does not cause difficulties even for novice users.
  • Professional support and access to spare parts.

4FARMER is a brand that meets the needs of customers by providing reliable and effective agricultural and gardening equipment.

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