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Harrows are agricultural machines without which it is difficult to imagine growing crops. In order for cereals or vegetables to grow, they must be sown in properly prepared soil and then cared for after sowing. A harrow is a tillage tool for loosening and crumbling the soil (i.e. harrowing). It is most often used after plowing to crumble the soil or after sowing to cover the seed material with a thin layer of crushed soil. The tools also work well as a mechanical method of weed control - their teeth quickly and very effectively remove weed rhizomes and stolons. Agricultural harrows are also necessary in the case of no-plough cultivation because they loosen the soil but do not turn it over, so they disturb the water-air balance. Harrows also allow for quick mixing of previously spread fertilizers with the soil. The shapes of frames and teeth, as well as elements of standard equipment for field harrows, were created based on proven solutions and manufactured from the highest quality materials. The agricultural machines selected by our store are appropriately adapted to the tasks awaiting them on the farm. Each of them has been tested by thousands of farmers. They are made of resistant materials, prepared to work in difficult conditions. Enjoy your shopping!

How to choose the right harrows?

The selection of tools depends on the specificity of the work we plan to perform using them, as well as the nature of the soil in the area we are cultivating. The harrowing process itself may also take place in different ways. For example, in light soils we usually deal with one-time harrowing. Harrows are also selected appropriately to the specificity of the crop.

Harrows available in the store - a wide range of agricultural products

Our offer includes harrows that are most often needed for the care of fields and meadows.Disc harrows, e.g. DHA4, instead of digging teeth, have a set of smooth or toothed discs resembling plates. They work similarly to a plow - rotating discs dig up the soil and turn it over. This procedure is called discing. Used only as tractor harrows. They are mainly used for precise preparation of the field after plowing or preliminary harvesting. They are particularly suitable for stubble cultivation and in fields with large amounts of harvest residues. Disc harrows have low power requirements and low susceptibility to clogging.

Power harrows are equipped with long teeth that rotate quickly during operation. Power harrows are used primarily for crushing hard lumps of earth and increasing soil permeability. They are used especially on heavy soils.

Field harrows and meadow harrows are agricultural machines operating on the ground surface (a few centimeters into the soil). The ears are most often used in early spring to loosen the top layer of soil. Field and meadow harrows are mainly used for maintaining pastures and meadows and for leveling arable fields. They will not prepare the field for sowing due to too short tines.