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Scarifiers / Aerators

A garden scarifier is a device used for working on the lawn. Its main task is to create longitudinal cuts in the soil. What is the purpose of this? First of all, it is about improving the air and water management of the lower layers of the earth. The grass will develop better from year to year. If scarifying is carried out regularly, it allows you to remove the layer of felt that is formed during regular mowing of the grass and use of the lawn to a depth of about 1.5 cm. Moss also collects there. This treatment is best performed in spring, and if necessary, it can be repeated in autumn. Scarifiers are made of numerous cutting blades, the longest ones are up to 20 millimeters and are made of stainless steel, as they are in contact with the soil. Three types of knives are usually used: disc, arc and flat.

Garden scarifiers – which type to choose?

In our store you will find various garden scarifiers that you can adjust to your needs and requirements. Generally, we can divide the types of scarifiers into:

  • manual scarifiers, which are perfect for small areas. They are usually equipped with one or two lines of blades. Some models have wheels, but the person must drive this type of scarifier with the power of their own muscles. They do not have any engine, so they do not emit exhaust fumes.
  • electric scarifiers, which are divided into battery-powered and electric. Their biggest advantage is the lack of exhaust emissions, which makes them environmentally friendly. They need access to electricity. They also work very quietly. They are also characterized by cheaper operation.
  • Battery scarifiers last for several dozen minutes of operation, so it is worth purchasing an additional battery and charging them alternately.
  • Combustion scarifiers have the highest power, they do not depend on an electricity source, so all you need is gasoline and the device is ready for operation. They will work well on the largest surfaces. They are the heaviest of all in terms of dimensions. Devices with an internal combustion engine are the most professional.

Scarifiers available at - a must-have for every gardener!

An electric scarifier, e.g. Combi 36E Comfort, is a dual-function device because it also has an aerator to aerate the lawn. It has 20 steel knives and 44 steel springs. A combustion scarifier, e.g. AL-KO Combi 38 P COMFORT, is also a dual-function device because it is equipped with an aerator. The machine has a basket with a capacity of up to 55 liters. The small dimensions of the device are also a big advantage. Moreover, it has a 5-step cutting height adjustment. The battery scarifier, e.g. AL - KO Energy Flex SF 4036, has 12 steel knives and 40 steel springs. It is a dual-function device because it has an aerator. As the device is charged by batteries, it does not emit any exhaust gases into the environment. It is very quiet in use. It has three functions: aeration, scarification and swath capture.

Aerator - a device that complements the work of the scarifier.

If we want to enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn with intensely green and lush turf for many years, we must not forget about the important activity of aerating the lawn. An aerator is a simple gardening device used to improve the growth conditions of grass, mainly by stimulating its growth, and to loosen and aerate the soil. The procedure is usually performed in early spring because the turf is not in the best condition after winter. Aeration allows you to prepare your lawn for the perfect start to the new growing season. The most important part of the aerator are the spikes or tubes, usually mounted on a rotating shaft or a flat surface, depending on the structure of the device. The spikes puncture the turf to an appropriate depth, and the holes created in this way are intended to properly aerate the turf and stimulate it to grow intensively. It should also be mentioned that a lawn prepared in this way absorbs fertilizers and nutrients supplied from outside much easier and faster.

Types of aerators available in our store.

Manual aerator, e.g. AL-KO AR 1835 18V Comfort - most often used on small areas. A light and very practical device, the additional advantage of which is unlimited mobility due to the fact that it is a battery device. The small size of such an aerator allows you to reach every corner of the lawn. An electric aerator, e.g. AL-KO Combi Care 36.8E Comfort, in which, as in this case, two devices are often connected, i.e. a scarifier and an aerator at the same time. Thanks to this combination, we can perform both very important treatments while saving time and energy. We also have combustion aerators available, or for much larger areas, devices attached to tractors, e.g. RGG 1202 aerator 120cm 4Farmer. In this case, we also have two devices connected at the same time. Aerating the lawn is particularly important if it is used intensively. In such a case, the turf is more susceptible to damage and requires our special care. An aerator is a device that every lawn owner should have.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer of scarifiers and garden aerators . When you buy from us, you are guaranteed the highest quality and reliability of the devices! If you have any questions, write to us or call us.