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STIGA tractors and mowers - a leading brand on the garden machinery market!

Stiga is a Swedish brand that produces garden machinery, including the highest quality garden tractors. It is known primarily for its reliability, arrangement to customer needs and a wide range of products. Currently, the brand's products can be found in over 80 countries around the world, which underlines its popularity. Garden tractors are invaluable devices that help persistent gardeners take care of their lawn. STIGA offers many models of this equipment, which differ in engine, drive, number of cylinders and location of the cutting unit. What they have in common is multitasking, easy operation, efficiency and work efficiency. Feel the joy of working in the garden and equip yourself with the STIGA assistant!

What are the advantages of buying a STIGA mowing tractor?

  • Four-wheel drive allows for better traction on sloping, uneven terrain.
  • Built-in cruise control makes it easy to control your speed and drive smoothly.
  • The hydrostatic transmission pedal makes it unnecessary to change gears.
  • Wide and reinforced cutting units prevent blocking, even in wet and tall grass. Choice of 9 different cutting heights.
  • Powered by highly efficient single- or two-cylinder combustion engines or powered by STIGA ePower batteries.
  • A mulching kit is standard and allows you to chop grass clippings and spread them evenly over the turf to fertilize and improve the condition of the lawn.
  • Variety of prices so that everyone can choose the perfect model for their wallet.
  • Turning on the knives is child's play - it is done using one button, so even an inexperienced person can do it.
  • All operational information can be checked (depending on the model) on: a 6-LED or intelligent 5.5-inch display or a virtual dashboard on your smartphone (in e-Ride tractors).
  • The soft and ergonomic handlebar ensures optimal grip.
  • The ABS panel absorbs vibrations at foot level, which ensures a comfortable ride.

The STIGA mowing tractor provides maximum results and minimum effort. A comfortable, adjustable seat with shock absorption will allow you to relax during relatively tiring work. The new STIGA 2022 models have revolutionized the mowing tractor market. All these devices are built on a very durable chassis. The advantage of some models is a reinforced base with very high durability, while others have a cast iron front axle, which additionally increases the strength and durability of the product.

We invite you to browse this product category and choose your favorite mowing tractor. They are ideal for professionals with large areas in the garden, as well as for beginner gardeners who value their free time. The machines are efficient, fast and quiet. They provide satisfaction of use, especially for fans of motoring and technical innovations. Some of the most popular models include the Stiga e-Ride C300 tractor or the Stiga Estate 384 tractor .