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working width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Minimum required tractor power (HP HP PS)
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Tractor excavators available in our store are characterized by high quality, modernity and good prices. So if you are looking for specialized construction equipment, you will certainly find it here. Tractor excavators have a wide range of applications in various types of excavations. The purpose of the excavator is to separate the excavated material and load it to an appropriate place, e.g. a landfill or a transport vehicle. Of all types of excavators, tractor ones are the most popular among farmers due to the possibilities they offer.

A wide range of tractor excavators - how to choose the right one?

You can browse different types of tractor excavators here. One of the popular models is the BHM 175 tractor excavator , which is perfect for tasks such as planting plants, installing irrigation and other earthworks. If you have a tractor, you can easily and quickly attach an excavator to it and enjoy the ability to work even in narrow spaces. When choosing the right equipment, it is worth paying attention to a comfortable operator's seat and its own hydraulic pump. Also check what power the tractor engine must have for the tractor excavator to operate properly. In the case of the mentioned model, the minimum power is 30 HP. The LW-7 attached excavator model will also work well with such small tractors. It is also worth paying attention to elements such as the own oil pump connected to the tractor's PTO shaft or the solid workmanship. Some excavators require a more powerful tractor to function properly, so when choosing the right equipment for your tractor, be sure to pay attention to this aspect. Another issue is the size of the device. Many of the models we offer have compact sizes and relatively low weight, so you can easily work in farm buildings or forested areas. If you need an agile, not too large tractor excavator, you will certainly find it here. The next thing worth paying attention to is the depth of excavations that can be created with a given excavator and the range of lifting the arm. Thanks to this, you know what range you will be able to work with. The bucket rotation angle and the maximum bucket discharge at a given angle are other parameters that will be important in your work.

Tractor excavators - buy in a proven store!

Here you can buy excavators for tractors from renowned manufacturers. It is worth investing in the equipment we offer because it is characterized by high quality and solid workmanship. Excavators perform well in difficult working conditions. We have extensive experience in the sale of agricultural machinery and equipment. The excavators you can buy from us also have very attractive prices and are characterized by attention to the operator's safety. Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the numerous products available in this category and to purchase them. If you have any questions, just call us or write to us and the store staff will answer all your questions. We invite you!