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Multi-tasking Mitsubishi agricultural machines

All models we offer combine compact sizes with high engine power. The reliability and certainty of Mitsubishi agricultural machines make them perfect for many tasks. Below we present what applications tractors of this brand can be used for:

  • flail mower,
  • sweeper,
  • separation tiller,
  • wood chipper,
  • plow for plowing the land,
  • snow plow,
  • and various types of spreaders and sprayers.

Mitsubishi VST mini tractor models offered

Here you will find mini tractors equipped with many useful functions and amenities. One of them is VST MT270 . This is a mini tractor model that combines multitasking, durability and compactness. It will work well in all conditions in the field, breeding or plantation work, as well as in municipal services. Thanks to the 24 HP diesel engine, the mini tractor can work with many agricultural machines and devices powered by the tractor's PTO/PTO shaft. The VST MT270 mini tractor is not afraid of difficult terrain conditions. The hydraulic solutions used in it guarantee comfortable driving over the largest unevenness, without the risk of damage to the chassis. The mini tractor easily overcomes off-road obstacles and uneven surfaces, even with attached machines and loads. VST MT270 ensures driver safety and comfort. A set of lights and mirrors help the driver move efficiently and safely on the road and enable work after dark. The operator's seat has seat belts, and the mini tractor itself is equipped with a set of warning lights. The Mitsubishi VST MT224 Fieldtrac model is another compact tractor with a simple and durable design that you can buy from us. It consists of simple and uncomplicated technological solutions, the design of which allows for extended failure-free operation, simple repairs and conversations. The VST MT224 mini tractor is an ideal tool for working on farms, plantations, breeding farms, hobby work or in municipal services. The Mitsubishi Fieldtrac MT224D tractor can work with all PTO/PTO driven machines of the tractor, appropriately selected to the size and weight of the tractor. It allows you to move efficiently over uneven, boggy or wet terrain. The Mitsubishi VST MT180D Fieldtrac model is also popular. A mini tractor with a durable structure consists of simple and uncomplicated technological solutions, the design of which allows for equally simple repair and maintenance. 4x4 drive, mechanical gearbox and a high-pressure 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine with 18 HP are just a few features that make the operation of the machine not only pleasant, but also very efficient and comfortable. Power, compact dimensions and low empty weight of the tractor give it an advantage over others. It is an ideal tool for working on farms, plantations, breeding farms or in municipal services. It is also ideal equipment for working in home gardens. orchards or forest. The VST Fieldtrac 927D tractor is a new version of the flagship Mitsubishi VST MT270. A new look, improved chassis version and optimal power transmission make the new VST 927D even more durable and even more versatile. The new Mitsubishi VST Fieldtrac 927D tractor is a compact model of a multi-tasking tractor that, due to its dimensions and power, becomes a versatile machine. We can use it all year round on farms, with crops or in municipal companies.

MITSUBISHI - a reliable brand with traditions

Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is part of the Mitsubishi group, which we know, among others, as a passenger car manufacturer. The branch responsible for the design, production and sale of agricultural machinery was established in 1980 and quickly gained the trust of millions of customers around the world. Most of Mitsubishi's commercial machinery released on the market are tractors and combines . All models of this brand are characterized by small dimensions while maintaining high power and work efficiency. Tractor designers also ensured high comfort for people working on Mitsubishi tractors. We invite you to purchase agricultural machinery from the Mitsubishi brand!