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LS Tractor / Tractor

LS Tractor is a Korean brand that produces unique class of agricultural tractors . It derives from the LG Group , which in 2003 began to operate as a separate brand of LS Tractor . It has several decades of experience, as it began producing the first agricultural tractors in 1977. The products of the LS Tractor brand are characterized primarily by high quality and careful workmanship as well as modern technologies.

The origins of the LS Tractor brand can be found in South Korea in 1977, when the KHIC company (Korea Heavy Industries & Construction Co.), cooperating with Fiat, began to produce agricultural tractors, and in later years also combine harvesters and other agricultural equipment . 1984 brought further successes for the LS Tractor brand , Mitsubishi MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industry) and other manufacturers became the supplier of drive units for mini tractors . Yanmar. Currently , the Korean tractor manufacturer LS Tractor has 4 factories located in South Korea, Brazil, China and the USA. Noteworthy is the fact that LS Tractor has been ranked number 1 in terms of overall customer satisfaction, product availability and the availability of spare parts in the United States.

LS tractors - price that goes hand in hand with high quality

LS tractors were designed both for work in households and in municipal companies or farms. If you are looking for functional equipment, the products under the LS brand will be the perfect choice - the operation of the tractor from each available series is not only comfortable, but, above all, completely safe. Therefore, the equipment can be successfully used by both professionals and beginners. A wide range of models that provide various functionalities and engine efficiency, adapted to loads of various intensities, compatible accessories that allow to increase the range of work, simple, intuitive operation and work comfort - these are the features that characterize each LS tractor - the price is another strength of the product. The high quality of workmanship coupled with competitive, attractive prices make even the most demanding customers fully satisfied with the equipment we offer.

The LS tractor is not only the LS tractor Poland - the equipment of this brand is known and appreciated all over the world. This is confirmed, for example, by the fact that LS tractors were recognized as number 1 in terms of customer satisfaction, a wide range of models and the availability of spare parts in the United States.

Are you looking for the perfect equipment or do you need advice on choosing a specific model? Contact us and we will help you adjust the LS tractor to your needs, not only suggesting which model will be the best for you, but also helping you choose the right equipment.