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EF - light

EF light flail mowers - quality maintenance equipment

Light flail mower is designed for mulching smaller grass areas and lower plant waste. Due to its low weight, the mulcher is suitable for work with very small tractors. Our offer includes several products from this category, so let us introduce you to some flagship models. The EF 85 flail mower is ideal for tractors with a lower power. All EF mowers are equipped with special "Y" knives that can be changed into 0.40 kg hammers. It will be perfect for mowing wastelands, as well as roadsides, recreational areas and when removing small unevenness or molehills. The way the mower works, i.e. mulching the swath, does not require collecting the mown material, which becomes a natural fertilizer. Flail mower EFN 145 Y knife is another product that is perfect for mowing all kinds of wastelands, roadsides and green areas in cities. It will also be great for caring for pastures, meadows, recreational areas, bushes for cleaning purposes and as a cleaning machine in horticulture. It has a double protection against damage to the gear: the hammers bounce off a stable obstacle, belts on the pulleys in the event of too much resistance. possible! The construction of the mower allows you to work in built-up areas, because it has a fairly large limitation of stones falling out from under the device. Flail Mower EFN 105 Y GEOGRASS knife is a noteworthy model that has been equipped with bearings with increased durability and stronger components. Thanks to this, the structure is even more stable. Increased parameters give devices from the GEOGRASS series an increased service life and even longer use without the need for servicing. Simple construction ensures reliability and low repair costs.

What else do you gain by choosing light flail mowers in our store?

Our offer includes many models of light flail mowers, which will make many of your work faster and better, e.g.

  • you will efficiently mow green areas both in cities and outside them
  • you can easily get rid of unnecessary vegetation from roadsides and parks
  • there will be no problem with mowing areas with numerous stones
  • you can also easily mow areas with branches and other obstacles

So if you care about equipment manufactured with high durability and efficiency in mind, we invite you to make purchases in our store. The numerous light flail mowers available are among the most frequently chosen products that contribute to the attractive appearance of green areas. We invite you to buy and, if necessary, contact our specialists!