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Tractors - mowers

Tractor tractors only from reputable brands

In this category you will find a wide selection of lawn mowers , perfect for mowing any lawn. Our store appreciates the highest quality of sold products, which is why we offer machines only from proven, recognized manufacturers. Among them you can find Iseki , Kubota or Solo by AL-KO . Mowers in the form of lawn tractors from these popular brands are characterized by a solid construction, as well as the highest quality and efficiency at work. Many models are equipped with additional, innovative systems that are designed to increase the comfort of use. Simple, even intuitive to use, garden tractors are perfect both for mowing your own lawn and for larger, specialized gardening projects. They ensure mowing speed and minimal energy expenditure on the part of the user. Thanks to this, you do not have to bother with a classic mower, and the work will be done almost by itself. If you need help choosing the best tractor model for your needs, please contact our online store staff!

Tractors - product features and application

Lawn mowers are equipment that is more and more often chosen instead of the classic lawn mower. They are distinguished above all by comfort, guaranteed by the use of a shock-absorbing seat and ergonomic spacing of the pedals. Important advantages are also: a larger working surface, a greater number of cutting knives and amenities such as LED lights, allowing you to work in the dark. Large swath baskets with a capacity of even more than 300 liters will ensure long-term, uninterrupted work. Robust gasoline engines and an external fuel filler allow for efficient and simple use of the equipment. Many models can also be used in the off-season, for example to clear snow from driveways or to transport goods on a trailer. Solid wheels and various types of drive for specific devices allow the machine to operate effectively even on uneven, slippery terrain. Garden tractors are equipment that is quite easy to maintain, and the high quality of the materials from which it was made guarantees its long service life. You will quickly appreciate the comfort of work provided by this type of machine.

Tractor tractors - the highest quality equipment

By deciding to buy garden tractors in our store, you are guaranteed the highest quality equipment. We only offer models from well-known and reputable brands, so we are sure that they will meet all the requirements of our customers. For specific tractor models, we also have a wide selection of additional accessories, thanks to which the machine will gain more applications. These include, among others, trailers, snow plows, tools for spreading and fertilizing the field, and mulching accessories. Thanks to dedicated add-ons, you will gain many possibilities within one device. We also have a large amount of original and spare spare parts for our machines, which is why we are able to provide a complete, fast service for all equipment. Our specialists will help you choose the right models and accessories for your individual needs. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal!

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

When choosing a lawn mower tractor, first of all you should consider the square footage of your lawn - the type of equipment, including the type and power of the engine, or the type of blades the mower will be equipped with, should depend on the working area. The solutions we recommend are lawn tractors from reputable brands, such as AL-KO, Cub Cadet, or Stiga. 

One of the solutions available at is the Solo by AL-KO lawn tractor up to 10,000. Model R7-63.8 A Comfort Pro. This is a high-end garden tractor distinguished by very simple operation and high comfort, created for the care of small and medium-sized gardens. The equipment is equipped with a single-cylinder AL-KO Pro 225 engine with a power of 4.2 kW and a capacity of 224 cm3, belongs to the Rider series, is distinguished by perfect turning ability, which translates into the ability to mow freely in very narrow alleys. This is also influenced by the compact design - the total width of the tractor is only 78 cm. The equipment, despite its small size, is extremely effective - the working width is as much as 62 cm. This lawn tractor up to 10 thousand will easily mow up to 2500 m2. Thanks to the option to adjust the height of mowing on 4 levels - from 25 to 75 mm, you can adjust the specifics of work to your needs. The advantage of the model is also a large basket with a capacity of 130 l. The Solo by AL-KO R7-63.8 A Comfort Pro lawn mower tractor is available at a price of PLN 8,999. 

Another option offered by is the Cub Cadet LR1 MR76 from the Force Series. The equipment is dedicated to people who are looking for a tractor - a starter mower. It is a high-end machine equipped with features that translate into power and efficiency of the equipment, and at the same time it is easy to use. This tractor-mower up to 10 thousand is counted among the Mini Rider equipment characterized by power, working efficiency, compact size and resistance to mechanical damage. The Cub Cadet LR1 MR76 tractor is equipped with a Cub Cadet OHV engine with a rated power of 7.6 kW and a capacity of 382 cm3. The transmatic gearbox is also an asset, allowing the user to set a fixed speed before driving. The equipment allows a choice of 6 forward and reverse speeds. Another plus of the tractor mower up to 10,000 in this series is its small size juxtaposed with a large working width - 76 cm and an output of 2,500 m2/h, the option of 5-position cutting height adjustment from 38 to 95 mm, and a turning radius of 46 cm. All this translates into equipment maneuverability and mowing efficiency. The advantage of the machines in this series is also the foot lever overlay for perfect foot grip even when working on uneven terrain, a capacious 200-liter mesh basket with lid when mowing with the option of ejection from the basket, and the possibility to retrofit the equipment with a mulching insert that shreds the grass, spreading the swath on the lawn, which strengthens the turf, being a natural fertilizer. The price of this lawn mower tractor is PLN 9,499.

An equally good choice will be a lawnmower tractor up to 10 thousand in the form of the Stiga Tornado 398 M. This equipment is equipped with a single-cylinder ST 350 internal combustion engine with 6.50 kW at 2,800 rpm and a capacity of 352 cc. This model is distinguished by a modern, compact and robust design, a small gearbox equipped with 5 forward and one reverse gear, which translates into the ability to mow areas up to 4500 m2. This tractor - mower for up to 10,000 by Stiga offers two modes of operation - in case the grass is too high and therefore cannot be mulched, there is a side discharge of the swath, from the right side of the machine. Mode two, on the other hand, provides a mulching option - in this case, you need to equip the equipment with an additional mulching insert, so that fragments of grass are retained under the unit and shredded, and then evenly ejected with great force onto the lawn. The advantage of the Stiga Tornado 398 M model is the option to manually adjust the cutting height in as many as 7 stages - from 25 to 80 mm, and a narrow turning radius of 70 cm that allows for accurate mowing around obstacles and in narrow alleys. The working width of the cutting blade with which the tractor is equipped is 98 cm. The equipment in this series is available at a price of PLN 9,749.

Tractor - mower is a piece of equipment with which you can quickly and accurately cut a lawn of both small and large areas. Thanks to the fact that machines in this category are compact and distinguished by good maneuverability and a small turning radius, they will work equally well in gardens and home spaces with an unusual surface - narrow corners will not be a problem. The biggest advantages of lawn tractors include:

  • range - lawn tractors - mowers are able to work for a long time and without failure, they are not limited by, for example, the cable or battery capacity, as is sometimes the case with classic mowers
  • power - single or two-cylinder engines and powerful mower blades allow to cut grass, vines and even twigs without problems
  • comfort of work - a tractor - mower is a piece of equipment equipped with a 2x4 or 4x4 drive, properly shaped seat, mechanical or hydrostatic transmission that allows smooth and gentle start-up of the machine and high torque available at low engine speed
  • multifunctionality - most of this type of equipment can also be used as a snow plow or soil tiller - thanks to the hook, you can equip the tractor-mower with the necessary attachments, adapting it to specific work, such as spraying, collecting leaves in autumn, or spreading seeds
  • lawn care - tractor-mowers are compact, but equipped with a large working area, so they allow fast and accurate mowing. The equipment is equipped with an option to adjust the height of cutting, and there are also models that allow not only mowing, but also mulching the grass, that is, thoroughly shredding it after cutting, and then spreading the swath evenly on the surface of the turf. What effect does this have on the condition of the lawn? It is a natural fertilizer that nourishes the grass, protecting against the development of diseases, the formation of holes in the lawn, among other things, reduces water evaporation so that weeds grow more slowly, and prevents soil erosion. offers a wide selection of tractors - lawnmowers from renowned brands such as Cub Cadet, Iseki, Kubota, MTD, Solo by AL-KO, and Stiga. Powerful equipment is available for prices starting at less than PLN 9,000 - such as the Solo by AL-KO R7-63.8 A Comfort Pro. It's a compact machine with an overall width of 78 cm, which will prove useful when working in hard-to-reach places. The equipment is adapted to the care of small and medium-sized gardens. The working width is equal to 62 cm, which allows efficient work on an area of 2,500 m2. The tractor-mower is equipped with a single-cylinder AL-KO Pro 225 engine with a power of 4.2 kW and a capacity of 224 cm3, a single blade and the option to adjust the height of mowing in 4 levels from 25 to 75 mm, and a basket with a capacity of 130 l. 

We also offer a slightly more expensive equipment - PLN 9,499 - by Cub Cadet - model LR1 MR76. This is a model from the Mini-Rider series, which is distinguished by its compact size and large working width (76 cm). The strengths of the equipment are a high-quality Cub Cadet OHV engine with a rated power of 7.6 kW and a capacity of 382 cm3, the option of 5-position mowing height adjustment from 38 to 95 mm and a turning radius of 46 cm that allows effortless movement between plantings and narrow alleys. Advantages also include the transmatic gearbox, which allows you to set a fixed speed before starting to drive - the user has 6 forward and reverse speeds at his disposal. 

If you are looking for more powerful, more efficient equipment for a demanding garden with a large area, or you want equipment with a mulching option as standard, pay attention to equipment from the Iseki brand, for example - including the Iseki SXG 216+. This is a self-propelled mower that will be used not only for mowing grass, but also for snow removal or autumn cleanup work, and even for spreading fertilizer, removing dirt from hard surfaces, or sprinkling salt on the pavement. Tractor-mowers in this series are available in two variants that differ in the way the hopper is emptied: the Iseki SXG 216+ M with manual (manual) discharge and the Iseki SXG 216+ H with electric (push-button-operated) discharge. The equipment's strengths include a 2-cylinder diesel engine with 13.9 horsepower, a 1020-mm-wide mower driven by bevel gears instead of V-belts, with an additional grass mulching option and a hydrostatic transmission operated by two foot pedals, and a grass catcher with a capacity of as much as 380 liters. Also a plus is the six-stage cutting height adjustment of 30 / 40 / 50 / 70 and 90 mm. This equipment is ideal for long and hard work - the model's equipment allows you to work smoothly even for a whole day.

Lawn mowing tractor is a piece of equipment that is especially recommended for owners of gardens of considerable size. However, due to its compactness, working efficiency and functionality, as well as the ability to work with different types of equipment, the equipment will prove equally suitable for companies that take care of the maintenance of order and cleanliness in city parks, squares and public green spaces, in agro-tourism, increasingly finding use also in agriculture. There are a number of models available on the market, so which lawn mowing tractor to choose and what to suggest when buying?

  • Engine type and power - lawn tractors - mowers can be equipped with a single or two-cylinder gasoline or diesel engine. When choosing a specific piece of equipment, take into account the specifics of the place where the machine will work. Models with a gasoline engine will work well for flat areas of about 20-50 acres, while for more demanding terrain, such as with hills or slopes and areas of more than 50 acres, a diesel model will be a better option 
  • Cutting width - if you are looking for equipment for a relatively small area, a lawn tractor with a working width of up to 80 cm will be sufficient. The larger the area, the greater the mowing width should be - this will reduce working time. You should also pay attention to the number of blades - usually lawn tractors are equipped with one mowing blade, if you are looking for a model for more advanced work, bet on equipment with two blades. This is also a good option if you have a lot of vines growing in your garden, or you want to deal with twigs or unwanted parts of shrubs
  • Grass catcher/mulching option - not every manufacturer includes a catcher for grass clippings - manufacturers whose equipment is available at provide this necessary addition - pay attention to the capacity of the grass catcher. If, on the other hand, you want a tractor-mower not only to cut the grass evenly, taking care of the visual aspect of the green space, but also the condition of the grass, bet on a model equipped with a mulching option as standard or adapted for use with an additional mulching insert. Thanks to this, the swath will be thoroughly shredded and then thrown onto the turf, creating an even coating of grass clippings that will act as a natural fertilizer to strengthen the grass and protect the soil
  • functionality and comfort - if you're looking for functional solutions, bet on a tractor-mower that is adapted to work with attachments that allow scarifying, spreading fertilizer, aerating, spreading, spraying, etc. Comfort of work is equally important, especially on large areas, so when choosing a specific model, pay attention to the gearbox affecting the smoothness of maneuvering, the turning radius, the size and specificity of the wheels translating into traction to the ground (especially if the tractor-mower is to work on uneven terrain), the option to adjust the mowing, cushioned, properly contoured seat. offers models from reputable, experienced brands such as Solo by AL-KO, Cub Cadet, Iseki, and Stiga

Tractor-mowers, due to their compactness, seem inconspicuous equipment dedicated to not very intensive work. Nothing could be further from the truth! Tractor-mowers are functional machines with a considerable working range. What does this mean in practice and how high the grass can be mowed with a tractor? Everything, of course, depends on the type of machine and its equipment - both in terms of the number of cutting blades and the working width, or the number of mowing adjustment stages. Typical models suitable for small and medium-sized areas allow you to cut grass at a height of 25-80 mm. An example of this type of equipment is the Stiga Estate 384 M - a model equipped with two blades, a working width of 840 mm and a 7-stage cutting height adjustment. However, also offers models that allow mowing grass from 30 to 90 mm high, such as the Solo by AL-KO T16-95.6 HD V2 Premium Pro with a working width of 950 mm. It's a tractor equipped with an electromagnetic blade clutch for protection against abrasion, thus long life of the cutting system, and a 7-stage cutting height adjustment, or models such as the Cub Cadet XT2 PR106 - equipment in this series offers as much as 12-stage cutting height adjustment from 25 to 100 mm. 

Tractor-mowers are what are referred to as slow-moving vehicles. Thus, they fall into a special category that entitles them to drive on public roads without approval, plates and registration certificate. This type of machinery also includes combine harvesters, sprayers and forage harvesters. However, when driving a tractor-mower on the road, it is important to comply with the applicable regulations - according to the Traffic Law, a ride-on mower can be driven on public roads at a speed not exceeding 25 km/h. It is equally important to move as close to the right side as possible when driving in order to facilitate overtaking by other vehicles. 

Garden tractors are functional and compact equipment, with the help of which you can not only quickly and accurately cut the grass, but also perform cleanup work. Which garden tractor to choose? The choice of a model should be dictated by both the nature and size of the garden, as well as the type of work you want to do with its help. When choosing a specific model, it is worth paying attention to the most important issues, which include:

  • engine power - the higher it is, the greater the efficiency of the equipment - both in terms of speed and efficiency of working with dense grass, efficiency of moving on uneven terrain with hills and dips, or compatibility with attachments. The final choice of engine power should be dictated by the purpose of the tractor - for medium-sized lawns, models with a power of 11-15 hp will be a sufficient option, for areas with a larger area, those with a power of more than 16 hp will be more efficient. It is also worth opting for this type of equipment if the garden tractor is also to be used for lawn aeration or snow removal;
  • type of engine - lawn tractors - mowers can be equipped with a single or two-cylinder engine. The second type is distinguished by greater power and longer service life - mainly due to an effective cooling mechanism;
  • mowing mechanism - in this case both the working width is important, affecting the speed and efficiency of mowing (if the mowed area is from 2000 to 5000 sq. m., tractor-mowers with a cutting width of 76 to 100 cm will be sufficient, if the area is from 5000 to 10000 sq. m, a good option will be to choose equipment with a mowing width of 100 to 115 cm, while for areas over 10,000 m2 the best option will be larger tractor-mowers with a mowing width of at least 115 cm), as well as the number of cutting blades, the type of cutting system, or the mowing system (rear discharge, side discharge or mulching);
  • wheels - wide, lightweight and large wheels are a guarantee of good traction, which is especially important for areas with hills and slopes. Tractor-mowers are available in 2x4 or 4x4 drive options - for more difficult terrain, a better option will be to choose a tractor-mower with four-wheel drive;
  • Turning radius - tractor-mowers are compact equipment, making them easy to maneuver. The smaller the tractor, the smoother the movement between obstacles. When choosing equipment for a custom-shaped garden, where there are narrow alleys or a lot of plantings, it is worth choosing a model with a narrow turning radius;
  • offers lawn tractors equipped with mulching options as standard or tailored for use with a mulching insert. The mulching option is especially important if you want to take care not only of the aesthetics of the garden, but also the condition of the grass. Mulching involves thoroughly shredding the aftermath and spreading it evenly on the surface of the turf, which provides a natural fertilizer to strengthen, nourish the grass and protect the soil from erosion.