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We present you fertilizer spreaders that you can buy from us at good prices. These are devices that play a very important role in the agricultural industry and more. Thanks to them, you will properly take care of your crops and increase your yields. You can choose just the spreader you need at the moment. By adjusting the device correctly, you can accurately distribute fertilizers to support plant growth or to prevent pests. In order for the spreader to fulfill its function, it should not only be properly selected, but also used. If you need professional advice on the selection of the right equipment, we are here for you!

Which spreader to choose?

Choosing the right spreader depends, among other things on factors such as the layout or the undulation of the terrain you will work on. During fertilization, the strength and direction of the wind are also important. One of the frequently chosen products in our store is a fertilizer spreader, a LEJ 300L, TUZ CAT I, CAT II spreader . It is a device attached to the tractor with a three-point hitch. The maximum capacity is 300 liters, and the product is designed to work on terrain with a slope not exceeding 8 degrees. There are two holes at the bottom of the hopper through which the fertilizer is dosed. The working width of this hopper spreader is 6-14 meters. The sowing unit is of the disc type, which means that the fertilizer particles slide down onto the disc with blades and are properly spread over a given distance from the spreader. Another type of spreader is a fertilizer spreader, MOTYL N031M / 1-2 municipal spreader for narrow sowing of the TUZ Cat I, Cat II . It has a characteristic shape of a tank and is equipped with an attachment for narrow sowing. As a result, the spread of material can be reduced. This type of spreader is most often used by municipal companies and farms. Can be used as a sand or salt spreader. It is worth noting that we also offer spreaders from Polish manufacturers, which are characterized by reliability, durability and long service life. The tanks are made of a highly salt-resistant laminate. By means of the rotary movement of the disc with vertical blades, the material can be spread over a distance of usually several meters. The machines and devices available from us are characterized by high efficiency, thanks to which you can do your job better and much faster. If you are hesitating which spreaders are right for you, please contact us!

Quality spreaders - why is it worth buying them from us?

The spreaders available in our offer are proven products that will surely turn out to be a successful investment. You can check the installment or leasing offer or buy the product right away. From the time of ordering, you will receive the device within 24-72 hours. We also provide you with professional assistance in choosing the right spreader. You can call or write to us at any time. We cordially invite you to shop!