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Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery - a wide selection in our store

We present a unique offer of agricultural machines available in our store. A large selection of accessories dedicated to connection to tractors and mini tractors will make any work in the field much easier. Our assortment includes devices such as tillers , plows , spreaders and harrows . You will also find many solid models of excavators , scarifiers and rollers here. All agricultural machines are characterized by the highest quality and solid workmanship, and are perfect for intensive seasonal work. Machines such as cable layers or augers are perfect to help with occasional repairs or finishing work in the garden or farmyard. With so many options to choose from, you will easily find equipment that meets all your requirements. Our qualified staff will be happy to answer any additional questions and help you select all the necessary elements. We encourage you to contact us!

Agricultural machinery - use of the highest quality equipment

Each of the agricultural machines available from us has different functions. The ability to connect them to one tractor means you can freely change the attachments whenever you need it. When preparing a field for cultivation, a plow such asthe BOMET three-furrow plow with three-point linkage Cat II may be necessary. For sowing work, one of the available models of spreaders or planters will be useful. Machines such as excavators, drills and chippers are perfect for any cleaning work. We also offer additional equipment for specific jobs, such as cable stackers or winches. Dedicated transport equipment in the form of trailers and barrel wagons will also be useful for any agricultural or garden work. All types of agricultural machines are characterized by reliability, solid construction and high quality to ensure the highest performance at work. If you have any additional questions or need help choosing the right device, our staff is at your disposal.

Agricultural machinery - why is it worth it?

We are a company that values above all the satisfaction of our customers and meeting their requirements. Therefore, the agricultural machines available on our website meet all the necessary requirements. Adapted to fit the models of mini tractors and tractors available on our website, they will be a reliable accessory for any model. We have agricultural machines only from recognized brands, ensuring the highest quality and long equipment life. We provide a warranty for all devices, thanks to which you can be sure that your money has been well invested. We are equipped with our own export fleet, thanks to which we can deliver equipment to any place in Poland and Europe. A large selection of specific machine models will allow us to tailor their dimensions, power and additional functions to the individual needs of our customers. Our specialists will be happy to help you choose specific equipment, provide professional advice and answer any questions. Please contact us!