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EFF - medium

EFG medium flail mowers - perfect maintenance of green areas

The main advantage of the EFG flail mower is that it can carry out several tasks at the same time, and its use does not only include cutting grass, but also bushes, twigs or unwanted woody weeds. It should also be noted that this type of flail mower mulches the vegetation. The shredded cuttings are placed on the surface of the earth, which causes the organic material to decompose on its surface and, as a result, fertilize the soil. It is an excellent example of recycling, as the cut blades are used again as fertilizer, and the mulching process is similar to the natural methods of self-fertilization of the soil.

Flail mowers - how to choose the right product?

Our online store offers many models of EFG, i.e. medium flail mowers . They are divided into those with hammers and those with Y-knives. Let us show you our bestsellers, which have a number of significant advantages. The EFG 145 "hammers" flail mower is a model with a reinforced structure. The perfect mower for smaller tractors up to 30 HP. What properties does it have? The working width is 145 cm, the total width is 155 cm, and the weight is 222 kg. The permissible speed is 10 km / h, and the maximum capacity is 1.45 ha / h. Flail mower EFG 105 "Y knives" , like the model with hammers, is a device with a reinforced structure and good performance. Perfect for working with smaller tractors up to 30 HP. Working width is 105 cm and overall width 115 cm. The machine weighs 186 kg and has a speed of up to 10 km per hour, with a maximum capacity of 1 ha per hour, which ensures good efficiency.

What tasks will you use the EFG flail mower for?

  • mowing all kinds of wastelands,
  • mowing roadsides, green areas in cities and outside,
  • maintenance of pastures, meadows, recreational areas of shrubs for cleaning purposes,
  • mowing green areas in parks,
  • as a cleaning machine in the horticulture and nursery industries.

EFG flail mowers - advantages

  • simple structure ensures reliability and low repair costs,
  • the machine can be used in urban areas, because the number of stones flying out and their momentum are very limited for the full safety of the surroundings,
  • copes well even in neglected terrain, where there are more stones, branches and other such obstacles,
  • there is no need to collect mulched grass, if this treatment is repeated quite often - the swath does not interfere with subsequent mowing stages and decomposes into natural ecological fertilizer,
  • the devices have double protection against gear damage: the hammers bounce off a stable obstacle, the belts on the pulleys slip in the event of too much resistance,
  • The cut green material quickly turns into humus, and the old grass does not grow back quickly.

The above-mentioned models are not the only products available in our store. We invite you to familiarize yourself with all flail mowers . If you want to talk about which device to choose for your needs, please contact us!