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Submersible surface pumps - efficiency and reliability

Garden pumps are extremely useful for a wide variety of tasks. Regardless of whether you are looking for pumps for dirty or clean water, here you will find products for yourself! For example, you can buy an AL-KO Comfort Drain 10000 submersible pump , which will be perfect for removing the effects of flooding. Pumps from the renowned AL-KO brand are characterized by great durability and efficiency. The model mentioned here is often chosen not only for removing liquids from flooded spaces, but also for drying construction trenches or removing contaminants from ponds.

Different types of water pumps and applications - how to choose?

You can buy various types of pumps in our store. If you are wondering which products to choose, we suggest you. Submersible pumps can be dedicated to clean water, dirty water or both. What does it mean? A pump for dirty and clean water is a device that can handle pumping water from a well, emptying a pool in a garden or removing water from drainage pipes. These are activities that are also successfully performed by pumps dedicated to clean water. Thanks to them, you can pump out e.g. rainwater to water plants. If the selected water pump also has the option of using it for dirty water, it is important what size of contamination it can handle. It is not afraid of construction excavations or a pond in which there may be solid pollutants. In the case of pumps such as the above-mentioned model from the AL-KO brand, the diameter of the impurities can be up to 4 cm. The AL-KO Drain 15000 Inox pump , on the other hand, is designed to pump liquids with dirt particles with a maximum diameter of 3 cm. What else is worth paying attention to when choosing the right submersible pump? The efficiency and power of the pump will determine the possibilities of its operation. In the case of this model, you can enjoy the power of 1100 W and the flow of as much as 15,000 liters per hour . Our submersible pumps are small, compact in size, so they can be easily transported by vehicle as well as moved. When choosing a high-quality pump, pay attention to the fact that it is made of stainless steel and that the housing is reinforced. By choosing such a device, you will be guaranteed a long product life. The length of the cable, the immersion depth and the automatic float switch are also important. It is worth knowing that many pumps are not suitable for drinking water, salt water and water with aggressive chemicals.

Reliable pumps for clean and dirty water at!

In our store, we only offer pumps from proven and reputable manufacturers. When you buy from us, you get a guarantee of high-quality equipment and the possibility of wide application. If you need water pump advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. A team of specialists works to provide you with professional advice at any time. We invite you to shop and contact us!