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Electric lawn mowers

The basic criterion that should be followed when choosing gardening tools is the size of the area we are dealing with. Electric mowers are perfect for smaller areas, they can easily cover an area of 500-600 m². It is also a very attractively priced choice, so if you have a limited budget, it may be a hit. These machines are usually much lighter than petrol lawn mowers because they are constructed primarily of plastic rather than metal, making them easy to push and maneuver. This is a good solution if we want to be friendly neighbors, because the operation of an electric mower is relatively quiet and will not disturb people living next door. Electric mowers are usually small in size, so finding a place for them in the fall and winter will not be a problem, as they will not take up much space. The disadvantage of choosing this type of mower may be that your movements are limited by the length of the attached electric cable and the fact that you have to be careful not to run over it. However, it is an ecological solution that does not emit exhaust gases harmful to the planet!

What should you remember when buying an electric lawn mower?

Even though this is a nature-friendly solution because it does not emit toxic exhaust gases, the efficiency of the electric motor is slightly lower. Continuous operation time may be shorter due to the fact that electric mowers may overheat. In the models offered at you can find the option of engine cooling. When purchasing your model, pay attention to the cutting height and whether it can be adjusted. It is also important to measure whether the handle height will be comfortable for you. The models we select have ergonomically designed handles and height adjustment options. Electric mowers themselves are relatively light (about 13-15 kg), before ordering one of the models we offer, also check what volume of mown grass the attached basket can hold and what material it is made of. The models we offer usually offer the ability to collect about 30 liters of grass into the basket. You can also always use the option of scattering the cut grass to the sides so that the device does not become heavier as you work. We offer STIGA electric mowers and AL-KO electric mowers . These are world-renowned producers.

Easy operation of electric lawn mowers

Working with an electric lawn mower is very simple due to its ease of use. The cable and the start button take care of starting the device. Therefore, choosing the right fuel mixture, ensuring proper maintenance of the equipment (plugs, filters, engine) and servicing the device are not a problem. Since the mowers are small and light, they can be pushed without much difficulty. The cooling used in our models to protect against overheating allows you to mow the entire lawn at the same time. Welcome to purchase!