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Tractors only from reputable brands

In this category you will find a wide selection of garden tractors , ideal for mowing any lawn. Our store values the highest quality of the products we sell, which is why we offer machines only from proven, recognized manufacturers. Among them you can find, among others , Iseki , Kubota and Solo by AL-KO . Mowers in the form of garden tractors from these popular brands are characterized by a solid construction and the highest quality and efficiency at work. Many models are equipped with additional, innovative systems that are designed to increase the comfort of use. Simple, even intuitive to use, garden tractors are perfect for mowing your own lawn as well as for larger, specialized gardening projects. They provide mowing speed and minimal energy expenditure on the part of the user. Thanks to this, you no longer have to bother with a classic mower, and the work will be done almost by itself. If you need help choosing the best tractor model for your needs, please contact our online store!

Tractors - product features and application

Garden tractors are equipment that is increasingly being chosen instead of a classic lawn mower. They are distinguished primarily by comfort, guaranteed by the use of a shock-absorbing seat and ergonomic pedal spacing. Significant advantages are also: a larger working surface, a larger number of cutting knives and facilities such as LED lights that allow you to work after dark. Large swath baskets with a capacity of even more than 300 liters will ensure long-term, uninterrupted work. Robust petrol engines and an external fuel filler will allow for efficient and simple use of the equipment. Many models can also be used in the off-season, for example, for clearing snow from driveways or transporting goods on a trailer. Solid wheels and various types of drive for specific devices allow the machine to operate effectively even in the case of uneven, slippery terrain. Garden tractors are fairly easy to maintain, and the high quality of the materials from which it was made guarantees its long life. You will quickly appreciate the comfort of work provided by this type of machine.

Tractors - the highest quality equipment

When you decide to buy garden tractors in our store, you get a guarantee of the highest quality equipment. We offer only models from well-known and reputable brands, so we are sure that they will meet all the requirements of our customers. For specific models of tractors, we also have a wide selection of additional accessories, thanks to which the machine will gain more uses. Among them you can find, among others, trailers, snow plows, tools for spreading or fertilizing the field and mulching accessories. Thanks to dedicated add-ons, you will gain many possibilities within one device. We also have a large number of original and replacement spare parts for our machines, which is why we are able to provide a complete, quick service for each equipment. Our specialists will help you choose the right models and accessories for your individual needs. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal!

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Garden tractors are functional and compact equipment, with the help of which you can not only quickly and accurately cut the grass, but also perform cleanup work. Which garden tractor to choose? The choice of a model should be dictated by both the nature and size of the garden, as well as the type of work you want to do with its help. When choosing a specific model, it is worth paying attention to the most important issues, which include:

  • engine power - the higher it is, the greater the efficiency of the equipment - both in terms of speed and efficiency of working with dense grass, efficiency of moving on uneven terrain with hills and dips, or compatibility with attachments. The final choice of engine power should be dictated by the purpose of the tractor - for medium-sized lawns, models with a power of 11-15 hp will be a sufficient option, for areas with a larger area, those with a power of more than 16 hp will be more efficient. It is also worth opting for this type of equipment if the garden tractor is also to be used for lawn aeration or snow removal.
  • Type of engine - lawn tractors - mowers can be equipped with a single or two-cylinder engine. The second type is distinguished by greater power and longer service life - mainly due to an effective cooling mechanism.
  • Mowing mechanism - in this case both the working width is important, affecting the speed and efficiency of mowing (if the mowed area is from 2000 to 5000 sq. m., tractor-mowers with a cutting width of 76 to 100 cm will be sufficient, if the area is from 5000 to 10000 sq. m, a good option will be to choose equipment with a mowing width of 100 to 115 cm, while for areas over 10,000 m2 the best option will be larger tractor-mowers with a mowing width of at least 115 cm), as well as the number of cutting blades, the type of cutting system, or the mowing system (rear discharge, side discharge or mulching).
  • Wheels - wide, lightweight and large wheels are a guarantee of good traction, which is especially important for areas with hills and slopes. Tractor-mowers are available in 2x4 or 4x4 drive options - for more difficult terrain, a better option will be to choose a tractor-mower with four-wheel drive.
  • Turning radius - tractor-mowers are compact equipment, making them easy to maneuver. The smaller the tractor, the smoother the movement between obstacles. When choosing equipment for a custom-shaped garden, where there are narrow alleys or a lot of plantings, it is worth choosing a model with a narrow turning radius.
  • offers lawn tractors equipped with mulching options as standard or tailored for use with a mulching insert. The mulching option is especially important if you want to take care not only of the aesthetics of the garden, but also the condition of the grass. Mulching involves thoroughly shredding the aftermath and spreading it evenly over the surface of the turf, which provides a natural fertilizer to strengthen, nourish the grass and protect the soil from erosion.

The power of the engine, and therefore the number of horses of the lawnmower tractor should depend on the specific needs arising from the specifics of the garden and the work we want to do. It is worth remembering that tractors of this type can not only be used for mowing grass, but with the right accessories can also serve as, for example, a soil conditioner, sprayer, spreader or scarifier. More powerful engines ensure greater functionality of the equipment - a tractor-mower with a large number of horsepower will not only more efficiently cut a lawn with a large area, but also more smoothly drive up small hills or other uneven terrain. So how many horses should a tractor-mower have? Machines designed for mowing medium-sized lawns of up to 10,000 m2 should have an engine power of about 11-15 hp, while equipment designed for mowing larger areas should oscillate around 16-22 hp. offers models designed for both smaller areas and lawns of considerable size. 

One of our recommended proposals for a tractor-cutter for medium-sized gardens is the Iseki CM 7014 H PRO2 model with a single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 344 cm3 and 13 hp. The hydrostatic gearbox allows for simple and precise maneuvering, two cutting blades and a working width of 840 mm allow for efficient mowing, while the 7-stage grass cutting height adjustment ensures that the equipment's operation is fully adapted to the specifics of the lawn and one's own preferences. Also noteworthy is the Cub Cadet LT2 NR92 model equipped with a Cub Cadet OHV engine with 13.5 hp, 439 cm3 displacement and a rated engine speed of 2,700 rpm. The equipment is distinguished by a 5-stage cutting height adjustment option, two blades and a working width of 920 mm. 

For those with larger lawns, a good option will be an Iseki-branded model - the CM 7226 H, equipped with a 22 hp Briggs & Strattono single-cylinder internal combustion engine and hydrostatic drive system, with a 7-stage cutting height adjustment from 30 to 90 mm, with two knives, a working width of 1020 mm and a mulching option as standard. Those looking for a really powerful, efficient equipment for special tasks should opt for the Iseki SF 237 4 x 4 35hp mower, which can easily handle large areas, proving its worth when mowing ornamental lawns as well as weedy fallow fields. The equipment will cope with hard-to-reach terrain, uneven surfaces, slopes and driveways. All thanks to a 3-cylinder diesel engine with 35 horsepower, a working width of 1520 mm, 4x4 drive, grass tires for ideal grip and a mowing range of 25 - 120 mm. 

Facing the purchase of a tractor-mower, it is worth paying attention to some basic key issues. What to ask when buying?

  • Power and type of engine - the number of horsepower has a huge impact on the operation of the device, especially if you plan to use the tractor-mower not only for mowing, but also for other garden and housekeeping work, equipping the machine with additional accessories. For large spaces or gardens with uneven surfaces, with slopes or hills, a vehicle with more horses will be necessary. For medium-sized, not too demanding lawns, models with an engine power of 11-15 hp will be a good option, for gardens with a surface area of more than 10,000 m2, it is worth betting on more powerful engines, above 16 hp. Equally important is the type of engine - lawn tractors can be equipped with a single or two-cylinder engine. The second type provides more power, and thus the efficiency of the equipment, longer life and cooler operation;
  • type of mowing system - when choosing a tractor-mower, pay special attention to the size of the mowing unit and its specifics, i.e. both the number of blades and the cutting blade system. In the case of tractor-mowers designed for medium-sized gardens, usually the equipment is a single cutting blade, in the case of equipment suitable for larger areas, the machine has a minimum of two blades, which translates into speed of work. Another important aspect is the working width, which affects the time and convenience of mowing, and the option to adjust the cutting height;
  • Grass collection and milling system - the grass storage system is an issue you should pay attention to when buying, as some models may not come with mowing bins as standard, or have bins of insufficient size for your garden area. If you want to take care not only of the visual aspect of the garden, but also the condition of the turf, pay attention to whether the tractor-mower is equipped with a mulching option or whether it can work with a mulching insert, thanks to which the swath will be finely shredded and evenly scattered on the surface of the turf, providing a natural fertilizer to strengthen and nourish the grass and protect the soil from erosion, among other things.

What to ask when buying a lawn tractor, in addition to the above-mentioned issues? It is worth finding out what kind of equipment you are interested in has wheels - they directly affect the maneuverability of the vehicle and its grip on the ground - if you are looking for equipment for uneven terrain, choose a tractor-mower with wide, large wheels, preferably grass. Equally important is the turning radius - if your garden has narrow alleys or a lot of plantings, bet on a model with a small turning radius - this will allow you to freely reach every nook and cranny in the garden, mowing the grass thoroughly and without damaging other vegetation. Also pay attention to the attachments that can be used with a particular model, power steering, the type of transmission, or the type of seat and its contouring - it may seem like just an accessory, but in the case of prolonged work on an area with a large area, this issue has a huge impact on the quality and comfort of work. 

Buying a used lawnmower tractor is a good solution for people who want to equip themselves with efficient equipment for the care of green space around the house at a relatively low cost. However, when deciding to buy used equipment, it is necessary to take into account some basic issues that will allow you to check whether the investment will be worthwhile and whether the equipment will not require regular repairs, and thus will not ultimately increase costs. 

When choosing a specific model of used lawn mowing tractor, you should pay attention to:

  • technical condition of the equipment - this is a key issue. In addition to the condition of the engine, it is worth noting whether the used lawn mower tractor has no damage, major signs of wear and rust;
  • age of the equipment - the older the tractor, the greater the wear and tear, and therefore the susceptibility to breakdowns, and thus the need for costly repairs;
  • brand - by opting for equipment from a reputable brand, you not only get a guarantee of quality, but also, if necessary, greater availability of spare parts. In addition, a recognizable brand is more likely to be chosen by buyers, and as a result, before purchasing a used lawnmower tractor, we can read the opinions of other users about the model we are interested in;
  • equipment - lawn tractors are not just equipment for lawn care. Some models are enriched with additional features, such as a hydrostatic drive to make mowing easier and faster, a grass collection system, or mulching to benefit the overall condition of the grass. offers tractor mowers from reputable brands, such as Cub Cadet, Iseki, Solo by AL-KO, and Stiga. Which company to buy a tractor mower from? It all depends on the area of the garden where the equipment is to work, the specifics of the green space and your own preferences.

  • Cub Cadet lawn tractors - this equipment from the American manufacturer is available at a price starting from less than PLN 9,500, such as the Cub Cadet LR1 MR76 model equipped with a Cub Cadet OHV engine with a rated power of 7.6 kW and a capacity of as much as 382 cm3. The equipment will be ideal for small areas. Thanks to its compact design, the tractor will also precisely cut the grass in narrow aisles or between plantings without worrying about damaging them. The 76 cm working width and 2,500 m2/h capacity allow for efficient mowing, as does the 5-stage cutting height adjustment option from 38 to 95 mm. The turning radius is 46 cm, making it easy to maneuver the mower tractor. As an added bonus, the transmatic gearbox allows the user to set a fixed speed before driving. The user has a choice of 6 forward speeds and 6 reverse speeds. Cub Cadet mower tractors from the Mini-Rider line are distinguished by a 2x4 WD drive and a dual cutting blade system, as well as blade lever pads that provide perfect footing even on uneven terrain. A large mesh basket with a lid and the possibility to equip the tractor with a mulching insert are other distinguishing features of the brand's equipment/.

  • Iseki tractor mowers - equipment of the Japanese brand distinguished by compact models with considerable power and functionality. There are both 2x4 and 4x4 drive models, such as the Iseki CM 7421 H. This model is designed for demanding customers looking for a powerful and reliable lawn mower tractor. The equipment is adapted to the care of gardens of considerable size, but it will cope equally well in the winter season when clearing snow. The Iseki lawn tractor is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton two-cylinder internal combustion engine with 11.67 kW at 2400 rpm. High performance juxtaposed with low fuel consumption is an undoubted advantage not only of this model, but also of other Iseki signature mowers. Thanks to the hydrostatic drive system, the equipment is distinguished by smooth and dynamic movements without the need to change gears. The highlight of the model is a capacious 360-liter hopper equipped with a lever for easy emptying. The equipment can be equipped with a grass mulching overlay or, with the purchase of a swath deflector, adapted for rear ejection of cut grass. Manual adjustment of the cutting height in as many as 9 stages - from 20 to 100 mm allows you to adjust the operation of the equipment to specific needs. The working width of the cutting blade is 102 cm and the turning width of 100 cm translates into precision mowing and easy maneuverability also in narrow alleys. This model also has the advantage of tires that protect the lawn turf. The accessory exchange system means that the Iseki mower tractor can be confidently transformed into a snow plow, roller or spreader.

  • Solo lawn tractors by AL-KO - this is the equipment of the German manufacturer. offers models from the Pro, Comfort Pro and Premium Pro series, among others. One of the recommended models from the Premium Pro range is the Solo by AL-KO T15-95.6 HD-A equipment. Equipped with a single-cylinder, powerful 452 cc, 7.7 kW AL-KO Pro 450 internal combustion engine, it reaches up to 2,600 rpm. Thanks to this, the mower tractor can easily handle precise mowing of gardens with a large area. Thanks to the hydrostatic transmission, the user can set a constant pace to match the work to be done. The advantage of the machine is the 7-stage adjustment of the cutting height from 30 to 90 mm. The working width of this model is 95 cm. The equipment allows you to choose one of two mowing options - collecting the swath into a fabric basket with plastic reinforcements or mulching to fertilize the soil and strengthen the turf. An unquestionable advantage of all Solo by AL-KO mower tractors is the Heavy Duty frame, which is distinguished by its hardness and high resistance to mechanical damage. Large wheels adapted to garden work provide good traction also on uneven terrain.

  • Stiga lawn tractors - the Swedish brand offers a wide range of lawn tractors adapted for gardens of different size. A wide range of models is available at, including the brand's latest offerings created in 2023. An example of such equipment is the Stiga Estate 9102 W lawn tractor. It is equipped with a 635 cc ST 650 Twin Stiga internal combustion engine with a power output of 10.60 kW at 2400 rpm. The 18-inch rear-wheel drive provides better traction on the ground. An advantage of the equipment is the grass catcher with a capacity of 320 liters - thanks to this, the Stiga lawn mower tractor is adapted to the care of gardens with a large area. The user can adjust the mowing mode to his own needs. The standard mode is the ejection of the swath into the grass catcher, but you can adjust the equipment for mowing with rear ejection or mulching. The 7-stage cutting height adjustment from 30 to 90 mm, the cutting blade's working width of 102 cm allows precise work even in narrow spaces. A hydrostatic transmission, cruise control function, a 5.5" wide-screen display showing easy-to-read information on key operational indicators, and an accessory interchange system make this series mower tractor an extremely functional piece of equipment that can also serve as a snow plow or spreader.