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Blowers / Vacuum cleaners

Blower-vacuum cleaners (often one product performs both functions) are a very useful gardening device if you do not like to rake the entire area by hand. Especially in autumn you will appreciate how much time and energy the blower / vacuum cleaner saves when cleaning the garden from fallen dry leaves, twigs and other small rubbish. Separate garden vacuum cleaners suck the leaves into the attached bag, while the blowers , as the name suggests, blow them away, collecting them in larger clusters. Buying a device that performs two functions at the same time will save a lot of space and time. If you are not entirely convinced of the functions of the vacuum cleaner, you will find in our store only devices for blowing leaves into one place - then collecting them into a bag will not be so difficult. In addition to cleaning the lawn of leaves, chestnuts and twigs, the device will of course also work in other places. Thanks to it, you will easily organize the terrace and balcony after the winter, you will clean the driveway of gravel and twigs.

Internal combustion, electric and battery devices

Internal combustion models have the greatest power and efficiency. At the same time, thanks to this, they work the loudest (loud enough that it is worth investing in hearing protection headphones) and they are the heaviest. It is also the least environmentally friendly choice of all because it emits exhaust fumes. Their advantage, however, is how quickly they allow you to finish work and the fact that during work we are not limited by the length of the wires. It is good to opt for a petrol blower-vacuum cleaner if you have a large garden richly covered with shrubs and trees.

Electric blower / vacuum cleaners such as a STIGA blower / vacuum cleaner are also very efficient. They require a power connection and pay attention to the extension cord while working. Usually the cable they are equipped with is up to 30 m long. Despite this slight drawback, they are an ecological solution, and the devices themselves are lighter and quieter. They work well both in smaller areas for domestic use as well as for larger areas.

Cordless blowers / vacuum cleaners are a very convenient solution. It is an ecological option as such devices also do not emit exhaust fumes. At the same time, it does not limit us with the length of the extension cord. Due to the battery, which weighs about 4 kg, they are heavier than the electric versions. The only worry that we have to remember is the frequent charging of the battery.

What to look for when choosing a blower / vacuum cleaner?

First of all, think about how your device will be powered and with what power it can work. In addition, it is worth taking a closer look at the weight of the blower itself and its construction. The models we offer have ergonomic handles, so working with them should not be problematic. The blower tube should be at the same height as the handle to make it as easy as possible to control the device. There are models that have a replaceable tip and it is a very convenient solution if you have hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your garden and you want to get rid of rubbish from them. If you decide on a model with a vacuum cleaner, check the capacity of the bag. The function of protecting the device against overheating is very useful, so that you do not have to take breaks for the engine to cool down.