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What is a grader and where can we use it? A grader is a simple machine designed mainly for leveling surfaces such as unevenness created during construction or field works. With this device, we can also tear off the worn road surface or level our field. So if you care about proven products that will serve you for years, we invite you to take advantage of our offer!

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Our offer includes many models from flagship manufacturers of agricultural equipment. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you are investing well. Let us introduce you to some of our best sellers - maybe they will be in your garage today! Grader - 185 cm 6bs tractor leveler - this machine is mainly used for leveling the surface resulting from construction works and excavations. The method of connection is quite simple - hitching to a typical three-point linkage of the tractor. In addition to this model, we also find other models from this manufacturer. All these products are united by the high quality of workmanship and the pleasure of work, they differ in dimensions. Grader 1000 mm leveler lattice planer to the ground - a device intended mainly for assisting in gardening. It is an indispensable machine during the annual cleaning works and in agriculture. Made of high-quality materials, it will serve you for years. A 2000 mm ATV weeder is another product that you can buy from us in this category. The machine is dedicated primarily to soft ground such as riding surfaces and beaches. Thanks to its perfect structure (vertical adjustment, 110 cm drawbar, stiff rubber element at the end), it leaves the ground perfectly smooth. The technical data of the product is a width of 2000 mm, a length of 1300 mm or vertical adjustment of about 250 mm. Grader, leveler with a basket RBB6FT - the device will work perfectly even on hard ground. Made of solid materials, the unbent earth is cut at a predetermined depth, and the loose layer obtained in this way is symmetrically distributed. It is irreplaceable in garden work, when removing lawns, in agriculture and at construction sites. The tool weighs 310 kilograms and its working depth is 35-125 mm. A grader, a leveler for the KLR4 tractor - this is a type of a comb grader , which means it will be perfect not only for leveling the surface, but also for precise collection of cut grass. The working width of this model is as much as 120 cm, and the mounting is carried out on the 3-point linkage of the CAT I 3-point hitch.

As you can see, our offer includes many models of graders and the choice is only up to you. All products have been created with you and your needs in mind. We encourage you to contact our consultants who are always ready to help and make you satisfied. We cordially invite you to make purchases!