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Scissors / Secateurs

Garden shears and secateurs are one of those devices for working in the garden, without which it is difficult to imagine a beautiful and well-kept garden. They are useful for many gardening works and greatly accelerate their pace. They come in many sizes - the smallest ones can be trimmed in the most difficult to reach places, the larger ones can be shaped into shrubs, and the largest ones can be tame with a long and high hedge. They will help to cut weeds and get rid of small and thin branches.

Shears and secateurs - various types available at

There are, of course, tools for cutting branches by hand. However, it is a long, tedious and very tiring work for the hands and spine, which is why we present you with petrol and battery secateurs and shears . If you have a large garden or a lot of ornamental plants, you will surely appreciate how pleasant and quick it is to work with them. Petrol hedge shears and pruning shears , e.g. the AL-KO 163-70 petrol hedge trimmer, are perfect for working in the garden with old plants with thick branches, such as hornbeams or holly bushes. Of all the available types, they are the most powerful, so they can easily cope with more difficult care tasks. Consider investing in a petrol model if the hedge in your garden is tall and extends the entire length of the fence. Fuel supply, not electricity, allow for free and unhindered work in every corner of the garden. The disadvantage of combustion devices is the emission of exhaust gases and quite loud operation. However, this is rewarded with high efficiency and a fast pace of pruning the branches. Electric shears and secateurs are an ecological and quiet solution. The lack of a built-in motor or battery makes the device lightweight and easy to maneuver despite the cable dragging behind you. Their low weight makes them ideal for modeling shrubs in decorative shapes and for leveling the surface of the hedge. If you have a very large garden, you should equip yourself with an additional electric cable before starting work. Cordless shears and secateurs combine the advantages of their petrol and electric counterparts. They allow you to work freely and quite quietly in the entire area you work with. The built-in battery makes them a bit heavy, but it rewards their friendliness to the environment and your health, and the fact that they are not limited by cables. A slight disadvantage of this solution is the need to remember to charge the battery and the limited working time. Fortunately, the batteries produced today have a long service life and are not affected by frequent recharging.

What else should you consider when choosing the perfect secateurs or shears?

When making purchases on our website, you certainly do not have to worry about the quality and performance of the models we offer, because we did it for you. We offer tools from proven and reputable brands known all over the world. It is definitely worth considering what knives the device is equipped with. One-sided knives allow for longer cuts, and two-sided knives for much more precise trimming of plants. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!