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Shibaura tractors - application and characteristics of the equipment

In this category we present our offer of mini tractors from the Japanese brand Shibaura . These are small, compact machines that are characterized by solid construction and simplicity of operation. Equipped with an efficient, 3-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine and numerous modern systems designed to increase comfort and effectiveness of use. They are perfect for any garden or agricultural work. Most of our Shibaura tractor models have amenities such as power steering, split brakes and a differential lock. The Shibaura P185F tractor also has hydraulic rear suspension leveling. The machines can be equipped with special accessories dedicated to specific work, such as mowing, spreading fertilizer or snow removal. It is possible to connect a trailer or plow to plowing, which will make farm work even easier. The small dimensions of the machines allow them to be used even in narrow alleys between trees and bushes. Large wheels with dedicated, specially profiled tires ensure the highest level of traction of the device, even on wet, slippery surfaces.

Shibaura tractors - attention to every detail

The Japanese company Shibaura is a recognized manufacturer of garden tractors and engines . They have machines designed, among others, for the Ford brand. Currently, the brand produces devices under its own trade name, and Shibaura factories operate in Great Britain, the United States and China. The tractor models in our offer that have used status are also reliable and you can be sure that your money has been well invested. Before we send a given product to the customer, we perform professional service. It includes, among others, the replacement of operating fluids, filters, oils and hydraulics. We remove any detected faults on an ongoing basis and we also inform our customers about them. We make sure that the equipment you buy from us is of the highest quality and can be used for years, without any additional financial contribution. We want to meet all the requirements of our consumers, which is why we also offer the installation of additional accessories for a given tractor. If you have any questions, please contact our online store staff!

Shibaura tractors - satisfaction guaranteed

What makes Shibaura mini tractors worth buying from us? We are the largest importer of Japanese tractors with many years of experience on the European market. We have been selling new and used models for a long time. We provide the highest quality of customer service and strive to meet all requirements. In our store you can count on a free quote for a given service, equipment configuration and help in choosing it. The features that define us are reliability, quality and honesty towards our consumers. With us you can purchase in installments and in the form of leasing. Thanks to our own export fleet, we can easily deliver a given product to various places in Poland and Europe. We also have a large selection of original and spare parts for mini tractors, which allow for convenient service. Our specialists will take good care of your machine and will help and advise you on any issues. We are at your disposal!