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The slurry tanker is a multi-purpose device. It is most often used in agriculture to automatically pick up and pour out a natural solution, i.e. liquid manure. Farmers also use it to water animals while grazing them, collect rainwater and water crops, or spray plant protection products. Tankers are also useful in cities when there are planned or unplanned interruptions in the water supply. It happens that they are also used in the fire brigade - primarily to extinguish fires, but also when there is a need to pump out water from the rooms - for example during a flood.

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As you can see, slurry tankers have many applications in various branches of the economy. They are not cheap equipment, but looking at the amount of features and build quality, purchasing a water tanker is worth considering. The STAR TVC 1000 model is worth recommending. Solid Japanese production makes even a perfectionist happy for many years. Despite its relatively small size, the water tanker is very roomy, as it can hold up to 1000 liters. It is dedicated to the transport and spreading of dung fertilizers in the fields, to collect rainwater or to water animals. The versatile use of this model has made it a popular choice in our store. The machine is designed for mini tractors and mini tractors with less power. The water tanker also has its own pump, which is driven by the tractor PTO shaft. outside 1000 mm, height 1700 mm. The rich standard equipment makes the truck economical and efficient. Products from this series are chosen by users who appreciate the comfort of work. Each device is carefully checked and the components come from the best manufacturers.

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In our store you can buy modern barrel trailers that can be easily attached to mini tractors or mini tractors with low power. The barrel transporters are equipped with solid wheels, so you can easily move with them even on more difficult terrain. They are indispensable devices in the agricultural industry. In addition to water tanks, you can buy from us numerous products that improve and facilitate farm work. Barrel trucks are perfect for fertilizing small areas, but they can also handle larger ones. Trouble-free operation, perfect drum filling and unloading system are just some of the advantages of these devices. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our entire offer for agricultural equipment and machinery that will have a positive effect on the work on each farm. When you buy from us, you have a guarantee of quality and favorable price. If you have any questions about water tanks, please do not hesitate to contact us . You can write to us or call us, and our specialists will help you choose the right equipment and answer all your questions!