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Scythes / Trimmers

Scythes and trimmers are garden tools that work like lawn mowers, but they are much smaller, lighter and allow you to work where no lawn mower can enter. Therefore, they are a very eagerly purchased product that allows for thorough garden care in every nook and cranny!

When is it worth buying a trimmer or scythe?

Trimmers are ideal garden tools if the area you are tending has a lot of nooks, stairs or paths. You will certainly appreciate them even if the only problem is mowing the grass with a mower next to the fence. Trimmers and modern scythes allow you to quickly get rid of excess grass and weeds between flower beds or vegetable beds. Due to the small mowing area, very precise and accurate operation is possible. They are also relatively light devices, so working with them does not negatively affect comfort and health.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a garden trimmer?

First of all, consider which drive will be the most convenient for your trimmer. At you will find them in combustion, electric and battery versions. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Electric trimmers, e.g. this model, are quite light, but work and access to various garden nooks and crannies will be limited by the length of the cable. If the area you are working on is larger, it will be best to buy an extension cord immediately. They are perfect for home lawn care treatments. Due to the fact that they do not emit harmful exhaust gases, they are an environmentally friendly solution. Your neighbors will also appreciate the choice of an electric trimmer , because the operation of electric models is relatively quiet.
  • Battery trimmers allow for greater mobility and freedom of work in any terrain. However, due to the weight of the battery itself, they are heavier than electric versions. The modern batteries used in the cordless trimmers we offer are very long-lasting, charge quickly and enable quite long operation. If you have a very large garden and you don't like working with breaks, you can buy an additional replacement battery.
  • Petrol trimmers are the most powerful devices. They ensure comfortable operation due to the lack of limitation by the length of the power supply. Unfortunately, because they are powered by a powerful engine, they emit exhaust fumes and are quite noisy. It all depends on your preferences. Here you will find various models of reliable trimmers.

When choosing the perfect scythe or trimmer for you, also think about how large the area you will be working on will be. Whether you need a complement to a traditional mower with a wide cutting width or a stand-alone lawn care device. You will find straight and curved trimmers in our store. Straight ones tend to be more powerful and heavier, curved ones are lighter and easier to handle.

Accessories for garden trimmers - convenience of use

In our store you will find batteries and chargers for cordless brushcutters. A convenient addition to working with this version of trimmers is a hip belt with a battery pouch, thanks to which its weight is almost imperceptible. The device itself is then much easier to maneuver due to its lower weight. You can buy backpack harnesses for petrol and electric brushcutters, thanks to which the weight of the trimmer will be evenly distributed on the back and work will be much easier.