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Finishing mowers

Finishing mowers - the highest quality equipment

We present a wide selection of maintenance mowers available in our online store. Our offer includes only the highest quality devices, characterized by reliability and meeting the high requirements of our customers. We value primarily well-known, selected manufacturers of agricultural and garden equipment . In this category you will find various models of lawn mowers with different working surfaces. A wide selection allows you to perfectly match a specific device to your individual needs. Finishing mowers can be attached to a tractor or mini tractor, and once connected, they are ready for work. This is extremely efficient equipment, adapted to work on large areas. By choosing finishing mowers from our website, you gain a guarantee of quality and reliability of equipment that can be used without failure for many years to come. If you need help choosing a specific model or have questions, please contact our staff.

Finishing mowers - characteristics and applications

This type of mower is designed to easily mow large, mostly flat surfaces. They are ideal for mowing parks, playing fields or larger fields for construction or cultivation. The operation of a maintenance mower is slightly different than that of classic lawn mowers. The blades move around their own axis, and the plant is cut when the knife hits it quickly. Finishing mowers are perfect for tall grass. One of the models available on our website is the FM-180 lawn mower . Equipped with three knives made of high-quality spring steel and the ability to adjust the cutting height from 25 to 100 mm, which makes it perfectly adaptable to any type of lawn. The working width is up to 180 cm. Special wheels enable convenient driving of the machine using a tractor or mini tractor . The device is exceptionally easy to use and maintain. If you need additional information, we are at your disposal!

Finishing mowers – why is it worth it?

When considering why you should buy a lawn mower from our online store, there are a number of advantages to consider. The main one is our company's many years of experience in selling agricultural and gardening equipment. We are characterized by the highest quality of customer service, and we approach each person individually, thanks to which we are able to meet all expectations. We pay attention to the highest quality of our products, their reliability and the possibility of failure-free use for a long time. Our store only offers products from recognized brands. Before the equipment is sent to the customer, it undergoes special preparation and testing to ensure that it meets all the company's requirements. Our own export fleet allows you to quickly deliver the selected device to any place in Poland and Europe. We also offer a large selection of original and replacement parts necessary for quick servicing of machines. If you have any questions or need help choosing equipment, our staff is at your disposal!