Single furrow plow without regulation 4FARMER

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Single furrow plow without regulation 4FARMER

Types of plowing and plows for plowing

For the proper growth of plants and crops as well as effective harvesting, one of the most important treatments is plowing the land . Plowing is done after harvesting before winter (more effective), but also in spring before sowing or planting. The basic function of the plowing procedure is to loosen the soil , destroy weeds or mix the soil, and various types of plows are used for this purpose. Regardless of the type of plow used, there are three main types of plowing, i.e. basic, supplementary and special plowing, in which there are various subtypes, such as:

  • stubble plowing,
  • pre-winter plowing,
  • sowing plowing,
  • cover plowing,
  • spring plowing,

for the most conventional method of tilling the soil, the plow is the basic device. Basic plows for plowing the land are divided into plows due to the construction:

  • share plow ,
  • disc plow,

by the way the land is plowed:

  • bed plow ,
  • plow without beds (rotary),

and due to the method of connection to the tractor:

  • mounted plow (3-point linkage) ,
  • semi-mounted plow (3-point linkage + road wheel(s),
  • trailed plow (drawn on its own wheels).

The 4FARMER single-furrow plow is a plow that consists of a share, leg and mouldboard as well as a support wheel and it is a plow that is attached to the tractor with a Cat I 3-point hitch. 

Basic information about the 4FARMER single-bed plow without regulation:

  • length: 600mm,
  • width: 600mm,
  • height: 860mm,
  • blade: 400 x 400 mm,
  • pin length: 77 mm,
  • 3 point hitch,
  • Red colour.

A detailed description and adjustment of the 4FARMER plow is presented in the instruction manual attached to the plow, together with the warranty card and spare parts catalogue.


working width (mm)
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The 4FARMER brand has an offer that is becoming more and more popular. It was created as a result of market observation and the increasing demand for goods and machines used in agricultural and fruit production. Its offer includes high-class agricultural machines and gardening equipment used not only for care, but also for cleaning work on the farm and garden. The products are designed to perform their functions as best as possible, making everyday work easier for customers.

The 4FARMER brand was established in 2010 and is currently one of the most dynamically developing brands on the agricultural machinery market. The products have gained the trust of many customers in Poland and abroad. 4FARMER products are widely used in many areas of agriculture, both on small farms and large production plants.

Wide offer of 4FARMER:

The 4FARMER brand has a wide range of agricultural machines: snow plows , diggers for root crops , tractor excavators , cable layers, sprayers , earth drills , rollers , graders , chippers , transport boxes , trailers , sweepers , as well as a wide range of lawn mowers , mowers. flail tillers , tillers and cultivators . The offer will also include a functional, compact model of the 4FARMER F24D 24KM 4x4 tractor .

The most important advantages of the 4FARMER brand?

  • Wide offer - Regardless of whether you are a farmer, gardener or orchardist, you will certainly find something for yourself among the 4FARMER offer.
  • Simple operation - 4FARMER equipment has been designed to be easy to use and does not cause difficulties even for novice users.
  • Professional support and access to spare parts.

4FARMER is a brand that meets the needs of customers by providing reliable and effective agricultural and gardening equipment.

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