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Accessories is a professional store with a wide range of products. The agricultural machinery we offer, forklifts, or garden and construction equipment is not all - we have taken care of every detail, wanting to comprehensively take care of our customers. That's why the offer also includes accessories that are used in the agricultural industry, as well as in the industrial, municipal or construction sector, and even in the home space. accessories - complete the equipment you need for your work

Whether you are currently completing tractor equipment and need a tractor cab, looking for additional equipment for a backhoe, or accessories such as PTO shafts, couplers, take-off shafts, flails, blades for soilers or front loaders, you will find the necessary items in the assortment of Quality and functionality are the hallmarks of our store. We rely only on proven products from well-known, respected and experienced brands, such as SHIBAURA, Kubota, 4Farmer, or LS Tractor. As a result, we are confident that the products we offer will meet all the requirements of our customers, proving themselves in various working conditions. 

Agricultural and industrial construction accessories - choose proven brands 

The store offers accessories of various types. One of the products that enjoy the recognition of our customers are tractor cabs. The range includes, among others, a QT cab with air conditioning for LS Tractor MT3.35, MT3.40. This is a 4Farmer branded model equipped with a sunshade, lighting inside the cab, external LED lighting in the form of two lamps at the front and two at the rear, two side mirrors, a heater that allows comfortable work even in winter, hoses for the heater, front and rear wipers with washers, as well as a radio and a carpet made of resistant plastic. The accessories are 1670 mm long, 1150 mm wide and 1550 mm high. You can also find TUR front loaders characterized by a robust design and construction that allows them to carry much more weight than other tractors of similar size and power. Loaders available in the offer of our store are simple and quick to install and remove without the need for tools. This is influenced, among other things, by quick hydraulic couplings, euro frame and storage supports. Straight snow plows are another accessory that is quite popular with our customers. All thanks to their functionality - because plows of this type can be mounted on the forks of a forklift. The equipment is manually operated and has a working width of 3000 mm. This model of Polish production is made of thick 5, 6 and 7 mm sheet metal, and is distinguished by 5 degrees of horizontal adjustment by means of mechanical advancement of the adjustment arm forward or backward and locking pins. The total height, including the rubber with which the lower edge of the plow is finished, is 680 mm.

In addition to specialized accessories for professional equipment, we have also taken care of the needs of small hobbyists - in the offer of you can find toys for the youngest, including running tractors for children and toy lawnmowers by AL-KO. If you are looking for accessories ideally suited to the equipment with which you work every day, contact us - experienced specialists can advise you!