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Spring essentials

Spring is a period of increased work for every farmer. Perennial plants come to life and the soil requires special care. Works are beginning to prepare the soil for the cultivation of annual plants, and in orchard farms the period of spring pruning, spraying and clearing of orchards after winter begins. Plows , rototillers , harrows begin intensive work, preparing the soil for sowing and planting bulbous plants or vegetable seedlings.

Thanks to the technical progress in the field of agricultural machinery, no one has to plant potatoes or brassicas by hand, and in the case of large farms producing food on an industrial scale, it would be downright uneconomical. People are increasingly being replaced by machines, which relieve and speed up the most difficult work. Today we have at our disposal a rich park of agricultural machines, especially used in the spring. We offer our customers a wide range of ploughs , planters for root crops and seedlings , and weeders and weeders for plants at a later stage of development .

Gardeners who have not had time to deal with last year's weeds have flail mowers at their disposal, which can cope not only with regularly used areas, but also with any type of wasteland. A flail mower is also a perfect solution for those who plan to expand their farm in the spring by liquidating wastelands. In early spring, the main pruning and formation of fruit trees and shrubs, as well as the removal of damage after heavy winter snowfall, begins. Here, chippers will come to our aid, which will crush each branch, and the resulting chips can be used for heating purposes or as mulching material.

Users of meadows and pastures can also count on help in using their farms. A very important procedure performed in the spring before feeding the grass with fertilizer is the preparation of green areas. In this case, scarifiers and aerators are irreplaceable.

Thanks to all these devices, spring work for every farmer is not only a period of intensive work, but also communing with pleasant, awakening nature and ensuring abundant crops.