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DR-CS-15HP 4FARMER petrol disc chipper - 15 HP

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DR-CS-15HP 4FARMER petrol disc chipper - 15 HP

Petrol chipper for branches - irreplaceable for cleaning work!

Garden care or preparing a plot for sale, clearing, cleaning work in municipal companies - all these are great treatments, the effects of which everyone likes very much. The question is what to do with cut branches - often larger ones, when we have too much of them? Is there a chance to get rid of them without having a tractor, a large trailer or disposal facilities? Of course! Wood chippers equipped with a combustion engine come to the rescue. They are much less troublesome when it comes to transport, and often can be attached to a trailer or quad. This type of machine will allow us to get rid of stuck branches from the plot, and will be an indispensable companion in gardening or municipal companies. Wood crushing machines are widely used in forestry and agriculture. Their use allows for quick, precise and safe processing of even a significant number of trunks and branches.

Basic types of chippers: disc, cylindrical, drum. What are the differences?

In disc chippers , the element that shreds wood is a metal disc/disc with mounted blades (knives). This solution was patented in 1922 by the German inventor Heinrich Wigger. The rotating disc/disk is set perpendicular to the wood fed into the machine (manually or using a conveyor belt). The rotating disc with knives chops them into chips (chips), which are then thrown outside the device through the discharge hopper. By choosing a disc chipper , we obtain fine material of uniform shape and size, which can then be used for mulching, fuel, and the production of chipboards.

Roller chippers are machines designed for quickly processing branches or tree trunks into short pieces. These devices are perfect for forests, parks, orchards and farms. Roller chippers have a completely different shredding mechanism. It is a rotating cylinder with sharp projections (knives) on it. The material we receive is wood cut into pieces approximately 10-16 cm long.

A drum chipper, like a disc chipper , allows obtaining very fine material; the cutting element is a drum on which the knives are mounted. We can control the size of chips in a similar way to disc chippers. The resulting chips may be 1-5 cm in size. The drum chipper is more resistant to sand or other contamination because the raw material is cut with the entire length of the knife.

The DR-CS-15HP 4FARMER petrol disc chipper is equipped with a 4-stroke engine with a power of 15 HP. This machine will be an ideal tool for processing branches and other wooden waste. Thanks to double-sided cutting knives, we can cut material with a diameter of up to 12 cm.

This is a very compact chipper, great for use on your farm, garden or allotment. A big advantage is the easy transport of the machine thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a hook with a ball hitch and wheels. The DR-CS chipper allows you to obtain fine material in the form of wood chips - they are perfect as mulch or compost.

Large 16x8.00-7 tires will easily transport the chipper to any work site.

A chipper is a device without which it is difficult to imagine proper management of organic waste today.


Internal combustion
Power (HP/HP)
Fuel tank capacity (L)
Maximum branch thickness (mm)
Trailer hitch
Number of V-belts
Ball hitch hook
Weight (kg)
Boot system
Tire size(s)
16 x 6.50-8
Wydajność (m3/h)
4 - 6


The 4FARMER brand has an offer that is becoming more and more popular. It was created as a result of market observation and the increasing demand for goods and machines used in agricultural and fruit production. Its offer includes high-class agricultural machines and gardening equipment used not only for care, but also for cleaning work on the farm and garden. The products are designed to perform their functions as best as possible, making everyday work easier for customers.

The 4FARMER brand was established in 2010 and is currently one of the most dynamically developing brands on the agricultural machinery market. The products have gained the trust of many customers in Poland and abroad. 4FARMER products are widely used in many areas of agriculture, both on small farms and large production plants.

Wide offer of 4FARMER:

The 4FARMER brand has a wide range of agricultural machines: snow plows , diggers for root crops , tractor excavators , cable layers, sprayers , earth drills , rollers , graders , chippers , transport boxes , trailers , sweepers , as well as a wide range of lawn mowers , mowers. flail tillers , tillers and cultivators . The offer will also include a functional, compact model of the 4FARMER F24D 24KM 4x4 tractor .

The most important advantages of the 4FARMER brand?

  • Wide offer - Regardless of whether you are a farmer, gardener or orchardist, you will certainly find something for yourself among the 4FARMER offer.
  • Simple operation - 4FARMER equipment has been designed to be easy to use and does not cause difficulties even for novice users.
  • Professional support and access to spare parts.

4FARMER is a brand that meets the needs of customers by providing reliable and effective agricultural and gardening equipment.

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