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Basket capacity (L)
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Hand mowers

Manual mowers include drum mowers, otherwise cylinder mowers. These are devices that do not need electricity or fuel to function properly. The working mechanism of a drum mower is very simple.

The works are performed by cylindrical burrows, which drive a gear mechanism connected to the wheels. By pushing the mower, we set the cutting cylinder in motion, which presses the grass against the so-called parallel mounted in the rear part of the mower. counter knife. A knife with a pressing roller, by means of appropriate adjustment, is an element that determines the mowing height of the grass. Knives are ground, made of specially hardened steel. Thanks to this, the cut made with a rotating drum is very precise, almost comparable to cutting with scissors.

Cylinder mowers are single-axle machines that are very manoeuvrable and perfectly cope with unevenness. Thanks to their construction and working mechanism, they are the quietest devices of this type.