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LS XU 6168

The LS Tractor brand offers a very wide range of products. We will find tractors for small farms, for users with orchards or blueberry plantations. Tractors adapted to the width to work in narrow rows. The LS Tractor range also includes larger tractors, adapted to work in large areas with heavy loads. The XU line is just such a series of tractors.

LS Tractor XU - offers convenience and comfort in every field

The LS Tractor XU is a family of compact tractors that will appeal to all farmers. All XU Series tractors feature intelligent control systems to minimize fuel consumption and optimize productivity. If you're looking for a tractor that will keep you comfortable in all weather conditions, the LS Tractor XU Series tractors are the perfect choice. They are equipped with a comfortable cabin, an adjustable seat and ergonomic and easy-to-use elements. The XU series motors achieve high power. They provide precise control and stability to guarantee safe handling in all conditions. Thanks to the use of patented technology, noise and vibration reduction, driving on these tractors is exceptionally quiet and comfortable for such a large machine. The hydraulic system fitted to every XU tractor is designed to reduce fuel consumption and achieve optimum performance. Adjustable 4x4 uses less fuel when driving on slopes.

If you are looking for a compact tractor that will give you a high level of comfort, safety and precise control, we recommend the LS Tractor XU series. These tractors will provide you with a comfortable and safe drive as well as high performance and fuel economy.