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LS MT 3.35

Ergonomic design

LS Tractors of the MT3 series are, above all, the perfect match for your needs. You choose how your tractor will be equipped to meet all your expectations. LS Tractors are designed with versatility in mind. These machines will prove themselves in the field, garden, orchard, plantation, transport and municipal works. Thanks to the possibilities of tractor configuration and the availability of accessories dedicated to LS tractors, this machine will be the perfect partner for work.

Comfort and safety

By choosing the MT3.35 model, you choose not only high quality, but also comfort and safety. LS Tractor has equipped this unique machine with a comfortable adjustable high-back suspension seat, which, together with ergonomically positioned levers, will ensure pleasant operation of the machine. For safety at work, the MT3 series tractors have a roll bar, in the MT3.35 model it is located at the front of the tractor.