Chopper WC-8 wysoki
  • Chopper WC-8 wysoki
  • Chopper WC-8 wysoki
  • Chopper WC-8 wysoki

Chopper WC-8 wysoki

6,000.00 zł
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Yanmar F16D

Feel free to purchase the sensational WC-8 Chopper for chipping all kinds of wood.

- energy willow,

- branches,

- tree crowns.

Wood chips can be used as boiler fuel or soil conditioner.

Stable and reliable device;

- weight about 390 kg

- number of cutting knives - 2 pcs.

- PTO drive - 540 rpm

- power demand from - 25 HP

- maximum wood diameter up to approx. 20 cm

- machine capacity 8-10 m3.

- the device has a mechanism for feeding / pulling branches.

- basic model - Promotion price - 5500 PLN gross.

- model with a rotating outlet pipe - Promotion price - 5750 PLN gross

- model with an elevated and swivel outlet pipe (as shown in the pictures) - Promotion price - gross PLN 6,000

- model with a raised and rotating outlet pipe + two rollers drawing in the hydraulically driven branches - Promotion price - gross PLN 9,000 (net PLN 7315).

- a new model with a complete hydraulic system (hydraulic pump, oil tank, two hydraulic motors to drive two independent shafts feeding the branches), - Promotion price - gross PLN 10,500 (net PLN 8,630, -PLN).

The devices are new. They have a CE certificate - which guarantees that they are safe and have been approved for sale in the European Union.

Warranty 12 months.

PROMOTION - very cheap courier transport - 24h.

Possible transport with our transport after agreeing on price and payment conditions.

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