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Kubota GL220

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4x4 22KM

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Traktor.com.pl, an importer of Japanese mini tractors in Eastern Poland, offers:

Japanese Kubota GL220 tractor with 4x4 drive, 22 HP.


The company "Traktor.com.pl" is the most important importer of Japanese mini tractors. Each tractor can be used with any equipment according to individual needs. We provide professional technical support that tries to meet the requirements of each client. We also encourage you to send inquiries, which we will gladly answer. Each mini tractor before going to the customer's thorough service and professional technical service, which involves - replacing engines (fuel, oil, hydraulics and air), as well as replacing operating fluids. When using the service, we also remove detected defects and information about them to the future customer. Such an accurate and professional service allows you to use the tractor for many years, without a financial contribution. We provide warranty for the purchased equipment. As one of the few they contain original and available parts, thanks to which we can help you help in the service. We offer installment and leasing sales. We also have our own transport fleet, thanks to which we deliver equipment to related parts of Poland or Europe.

Why choose our company - Traktor.com.pl?

1. Extensive technical knowledge and industry experience - We have many years of experience on the European market in the sale of new and used Japanese mini tractors. We provide professional customer service that tries to meet the requirements of each buyer through an individual approach. We configure and adapt equipment for any type of work, i.e. snow removal, mowing, field, forestry, municipal works, etc.   We offer a free quote, which includes all the services we provide. We offer a favorable installment and leasing system. We care for the satisfaction of our customers, which is why our motto is quality, reliability and, above all, honesty towards customers. We carry out all transactions and orders efficiently and quickly, always trying to adapt to the client's requirements and expectations.

2. Professional warranty service - Each mini tractor before going to the customer undergoes a thorough and professional technical service, which consists in - replacing filters (fuel, oil, hydraulics and air) as well as replacing operating fluids. During the service, we also remove detected faults and inform our future customer about them. Such an accurate and professional service allows you to use the tractor for many years, without a financial contribution. We provide warranty for every equipment purchased.

3. Individual warehouse with parts - As one of the few we have a whole range of original and spare parts, thanks to which we can help our customers in the service. Thanks to established constant contacts with suppliers, we are constantly developing and expanding thus expanding our product range. The parts we offer have not only a guarantee, but also competitive prices. Thanks to many years of contacts in Japan, we are able to provide most of the parts for individual orders if we do not have one on site. We also sell our products through our website and on site in our warehouse. We send parcels carefully packed via couriers. Shipping prices are competitive due to signed contracts for shipment of parcels 4. Own transport of goods - We have our own fleet of modern vehicles, which are driven by our experienced drivers. Thanks to this, we are able to ensure the timely transport of goods and guarantee their safety during transport, both on domestic and international routes. We guarantee the best prices to provide the service in the most profitable way. 5. We focus on reliability and professionalism - Our employees are available to our clients at every stage of the service. We deal with each client with due reliability and professionalism. All customers are important to us because we build our business with them. We focus on constantly acquiring knowledge and improving qualifications at every level of our company. We are proud that, despite our long experience, we still learn with undying passion and get to know the market and our clients. We believe that in our industry experience gained on the market and while working with clients are inextricably linked.

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Data sheet

3 cylindrowy diesel chłodzony cieczą
21 - 25 KM
Moc silnika
22 KM
4x4 4WD
5 prędkości w tym jeden "bieg" wsteczny.
Tylny TUZ
3 - punktowy
Hydrauliczne poziomowanie tylnego zawieszenia
Skrzynia biegów
Ilość biegów przód / tył
16 / 16
Wspomaganie kierownicy
Dzielone hamulce
Blokada mechanizmu różnicowego
Długość / szerokość / wysokość do kierownicy
264 / 120 / 140 cm
Rozstaw osi
156 cm.
Rodzaj opon
Opony przód / tył
6-14 /9,5-22
+ 1000 KG
Rok produkcji
1995 r.
615 Mth
Oświetlenie przednie, kierunkowskazy

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