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LS Tractor MT3.50 MEC 4x4 - 47 HP / CAB + Arrow snow plow 180 cm, hydraulic, 4FARMER + MOTYL fertilizer spreader

LS MT3.50 MEC/CAB/pług/S/180/H/PM/4FARMER/N031M/1
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LS Tractor MT3.50 MEC 4x4 - 47 HP / CAB + Arrow snow plow 180 cm, hydraulic, 4FARMER + MOTYL fertilizer spreader

Ergonomic design

LS Tractor MT3 series tractors are, above all, a perfect fit to your needs. You choose how your tractor will be equipped so that it meets all your expectations. The design of LS Tractor tractors has been designed for versatile use. These machines will prove useful in the field, garden, orchard, plantation, transport and municipal work. Thanks to the tractor configuration options and the availability of accessories dedicated to LS tractors , this machine will be an ideal work partner.

Freedom of configuration

When choosing a tractor from the MT3 series, you can choose it in several variants:

  • front safety bar / rear safety bar,
  • ergonomic, comfortable cabin,
  • agricultural tires / industrial tires,
  • manual gearbox / hydrostatic gearbox.

By choosing the MT3.50 model in the configuration with a comfortable cabin, the tractor becomes an all-season machine. The lockable, soundproof cabin equips our tractor with air conditioning (option), heating, radio, wipers and additional LED lighting.

Power = Possibilities

The MT3.50 model is a compact Premium class tractor . Under the hood of this machine there is a powerful 3-cylinder L3CRV-T9A diesel engine with a power of 47 HP. It guarantees very good operating parameters and high efficiency. Additionally, 8 hydraulic outputs allow you to connect a wide range of accessories to the tractor . A mechanical gearbox with reverse (creeper reducer) allows you to change the driving direction with one movement of the lever located next to the steering wheel.

The MT3.50 model is equipped with a 3-point linkage Cat I with a lifting capacity of 1250 kg and a rear PTO shaft allowing for versatile use of the tractor . Additionally, this tractor has three PTO speeds. 4-wheel drive and power steering make the MT3.50 model the perfect machine, created according to your preferences.

LS Tractor MT3.50 is a model with exceptional versatility that allows you to work with a variety of equipment.

Your LS MT3.50 tractor with high-quality original cab!

The cabin was very solidly constructed, maintaining the highest production standards. Thanks to the cabin, the LS MT3 model becomes a machine we can rely on in all weather conditions!

The tractor with a cabin is additionally enriched with a heating function, which is so important when working in the winter season.

Additionally, the cabin is equipped with:

  • door locks,
  • sun visor,
  • lighting inside the cabin,
  • carpet (plastic),
  • front and rear wipers with washers,
  • radio,
  • external LED lighting (two lamps at the front and two at the rear of the tractor),
  • side mirrors (2 pcs.),
  • heater included,
  • heater hoses (2 pcs.),
  • air conditioning (option).

Additional equipment and accessories

The plow blade has two parts, upper and lower. For the safety of work and the device itself, the lower movable part is equipped with a shock absorption system that tilts back when it encounters an obstacle. Strong springs cushion the operation of the lower part of the blade, which is finished with thick rubber , 40 mm thick and 100 mm high. Rubber is used to protect the surface being cleared of snow.

The MOTYL N 031 M spreader of loose fertilizers , granulates and dusty mixtures from the Polish agricultural machinery manufacturer POM Augustów and is intended for all tractors with a rear lift with a three-point hitch Cat I and Cat II . The spreader is also adapted to work in municipal companies as a salt or sand spreader.

Indispensable in municipal companies and on farms

The spreader of loose fertilizers , granulates and dusty mixtures is a device of the Polish manufacturer of agricultural machinery POM Augustów and is intended for all tractors with a rear lift with a three-point three-point hitch, Category I and Category II . The spreader is also adapted to work in municipal companies as a salt or sand spreader.

Polish manufacturer of agricultural machinery - solid and durable

The sand spreader is driven by the tractor's PTO/PTO shaft, and the recommended speed is 540 rpm. The sowing system is the so-called disc-centrifugal system. The tank with a capacity of 0.4 m3 is made of thick salt-resistant laminate. The municipal sand spreader weighs 130 kg, and the permissible load weight is, depending on the tractor class, from 200 to 600 kg. The working element is a horizontally placed rotating disc with vertical blades, which, by rotating, spreads the material to a distance of 1.2 to 5 m (applies to the municipal attachment), depending on the type of seed used. The capacity of the spreader is from 4 to 6 ares per hour, also depending on the type of load.

The fertilizer spreader's tank is made of a laminate that is particularly resistant to the undesirable effects of salt.

LS Tractor tractors are modern, high operator comfort and the highest quality of workmanship.


Front linkage
PTO shaft
Snow plow
Spreader / spreader
4 - stroke with turbine
Liquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel
with Delphi CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection) direct fuel injection
Engine model
Power (HP/HP)
Power (kW)
Engine capacity (cc/cc)
Rated engine speed (rpm)
Torque (Nm/rpm)
Fuel tank capacity (L)
4x4 4WD
Number of forward/reverse gears
32 / 16 z włączonym reduktorem pełazającym
Driving speed (km/h)
1.12/27.12 (forward)
Power steering
3 speed
540 (@2490)
540 rpm / 1710 rpm (540E PTO)
1000 rpm / 2381 rpm
Independent PTO / PTO with wet clutch activated by knob
PTO/PTO power (kW)
26,5 kW (36KM)
3 point
Adjusting the lowering speed of the rear three-point linkage arms / manual control valve
Lifting capacity of three-point linkage at ball ends (kg)
Hydraulic outputs (pcs (EA) / number of sections)
4/2 (option 6/3)
Hydraulic leveling of the rear suspension
Trailer hitch
Tire type
Wheelbase (mm)
Tire size front/rear
9.5-16 / 13.6-24
turning radius (mm)
Dry, single disc
Overall width with tires (mm)
Ground clearance (mm)
Maximum rotation angle of the front wheel ( ° )
+ / - 57
Hydraulic pump (rated oil flow l/min / CC)
Hydraulic system pressure (MPa/bar)
17.5 (2538psi)
Number of turns of the steering wheel (right / left)
3,7 / 3,7
Rated steering oil flow (l/min)
15.6 (4.1GPM)
Type of candles
Glow plugs
Tread adjustment FRONT (mm)
1192~1338mm (46.9~52.7 in.)
Track adjustment REAR (mm)
1066~1266mm (42.0~49.8 in.)
Basic equipment

The origins of the LS Tractor brand can be found in South Korea in 1977, when the KHIC (Korea Heavy Industries & Construction Co.), in cooperation with Fiat, began to produce agricultural tractors and, in later years, also combines and other agricultural equipment . The year 1984 brings further successes for the LS Tractor brand , Mitsubishi MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industry) and other manufacturers, among others, become the supplier of drive units for mini tractors . Yanmar. Currently, the Korean tractor manufacturer LS Tractor has 4 factories located in South Korea, Brazil, China and the USA. Notably, LS Tractors have been ranked #1 in overall customer satisfaction, product availability and parts availability in the United States.

LS tractors - price combined with high quality

LS tractors were designed for use in households, municipal companies and farms. If you are looking for functional equipment, products with the LS brand will be the perfect choice - the operation of a tractor from each available series is not only comfortable, but, above all, completely safe. Therefore, the equipment can be successfully used by both professionals and beginners. A wide selection of models providing various functionalities and engine performance, adapted to loads of various intensity, compatible accessories allowing for an increase in the work range, simple, intuitive operation and comfort of work - these are the features of every LS tractor - the price is another strong point of the product. High quality of workmanship combined with competitive, attractive prices make even the most demanding customers fully satisfied with the equipment we offer.

LS tractor is not only LS tractor Poland - the equipment of this brand is known and appreciated all over the world. This is confirmed by the fact that LS tractors were recognized as number 1 in terms of customer satisfaction, a wide range of models and the availability of spare parts in the United States.

Are you looking for the perfect equipment or do you need advice on choosing a specific model? Contact us and we will help you match the LS tractor to your needs, not only by suggesting which model will be best for you, but also by helping you choose the right equipment.

LS tractor Poland - improve your work

Our store offers new LS tractors . We meet the needs of our customers by offering a wide selection of models, including agricultural tractors with axes and lawn mowing tractors that can be used both on large plots of land and in the backyard. We offer, among others, the LS MT3.40 HST tractor , which is a tractor with a 3-cylinder L3CRV-T4 diesel engine with a power of 40 HP. The equipment in this series are 4x4 tractors equipped with power steering, which makes operation and maneuvering simple and safe. An LS tractor of this type allows you to work in any terrain, which is also influenced by the possibility of choosing different types of tires - in the case of this model, the customer can choose both agricultural and construction/industrial tires. The 3-point rear three-point linkage with a lifting capacity of 820 kg allows you to use virtually all farm machines and equipment without any restrictions. An additional advantage of this tractor is a comfortable, air-conditioned safety cabin. The LS MT3.60 MEC CAB 4x4 tractor is also available in the MT3 series. This model is a tractor equipped with a 3-cylinder L3CRV-7T diesel engine. Similarly to the previous model in this series, the MT3.60 is equipped with a three-point linkage with a higher lifting capacity - 1,250 kg. The undoubted advantage of this model is the mechanical gearbox with reverse, which allows you to change the driving direction with one movement of the lever located next to the steering wheel. In turn, 3 speeds of the PTO shaft enable the use of additional PTO/PTO equipment. The traktor.com.pl assortment also includes LS tractors from the MT series. These are tractors called super compact tractors (sub compact) - all because of their small size. LS tractors of this type are equipped with engines with a power of 21.5 HP or 24.7 HP, so you can easily adjust the model to the specific work and your own needs. The offer also includes a complete range of accessories, including a TUR front loader , a mower or an excavator adapted to be attached to the rear of the tractor. The engine based on Yanmar technology makes this compact model perform as well as classic tractors in the field , and also works well as a lawn mower tractor used for household work.

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