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38 KM  szer. robocza 180 cm

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ISEKI SZ-330  38 KM 180CM NEW

Reliable and efficient, this is how Iseki SZ 330 mower. SZ 330 is an ideal solution for entities that need a mower to work in the most difficult conditions. It is intended for professional use and all-day work. The drive in the Iseki SZ 330 mower ensures a smooth, comfortable ride that makes working with this device quick, safe and simple.

Available, professional, efficient and with advanced technology - the Zero Turn Iseki SZ 330 mower is the perfect solution for those applications that can work in the most difficult conditions after a day. Designed for professional use, the Iseki SZ 330 mower ensures a smooth, comfortable ride, which makes the work of this device faster, safer and simple.

The Iseki SZ-330 is equipped with a graded operator platform, a fully adjustable suspension position and a foldable protective frame. Large road wheels and solid anti-twist shafts make the SZ330 a large maneuvering and high-speed mower.

- 3-cylinder diesel engine

- Easy access to engine maintenance

- The front linkage system includes maintenance support

- Drum safety belt and parking brake service the convenience and safety of the operator

- 36-liter fuel tank with electrical connection for fuel consumption as standard ensures high efficiency

4 cutting units:

  • with side ejection: 155 or 183 cm
  • with rear ejection: 169 or 180 cm
  • rear ejection mowers available with mulching kit (option)

Fast travels and mowing:

  • fast and comfortable driving on various surfaces
  • the maximum speed is 17 km / h
  • High power and torque allow for ultra-fast mowing

Hydraulic cutting deck control:

  • convenient adjustment of the cutting height from the operator's seat
  • cutting height adjustment by means of a disc

Diesel Zero-Turn:

  • zero turning mower
  • very powerful 3 cylinder diesel engine
  • simple servicing
  • durable construction


  • Engine: Iseki
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Max engine power (HP): 38 HP
  • Power (kW): 24.5
  • Displacement: 1,498 cm3
  • Number of cylinders: 3
  • Cutting width (cm): from 155 to 183 cm
  • Cutting height (mm): 25 mm - 115 mm
  • Number of knives: 3
  • Maximum speed: 0 - 17 km / h
  • Transmission: hydrostatic
  • Hydraulic system: yes
  • Fuel tank capacity: 36 liters
  • Headlights: No.
  • Dimensions: 232 x 156 x 129 cm
  • Weight: 790 kg (with 180 cm aggregate)

All the main operator controls are on the right and include engine ignition, manual throttle, deck raise / lower, limit switch height, fuel level indicator, warning indicators and hour meter. For blade maintenance and deck service, the leg lifter is conveniently used under the operator's platform front panel. Choose it for safely lifting the machine at an angle of 45 °. Iseki SZ330- SZ330 is competitive and is intended for contractors dealing with land care and professionals. The Iseki SZ330 also has a floating rear axle that helps contour and provides a comfortable ride, especially when installing curbs. The cutting blades rotate from a width of 2,600 rpm. They are driven by an electrohydraulic pto clutch to the on-board device.

By buying from an authorized Iseki dealer of machines and tools you can feel safe. In addition to the warranty on the machine itself, Iseki as a garden equipment manufacturer provides access to spare parts and guarantees a very well-developed service network throughout the country.

Warranty - 3 years for private persons 

                   2 years for service companies

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