Winter is the time for ... Kubota Bulltra B1-15 + snow plow + sand spreader

        Kubota Bulltra B1-15 is the most popular series from Kubota. The classic models of the series are 14 HP BULLTRA and a slightly more powerful 17 HP B1-17 tractor (Bulltra tractors have nominal power from 10 to 17 HP, depending on the model). All models of the BULLTRA series were produced from 1985 to 1985. The B1-15 version is a 15 horse tractor with 4x4 drive.

        The Kubota Bulltra B1-15 is a tractor with a 15 HP 3-cylinder diesel engine, 4x4 drive and manual gearbox. The tractor has 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. The tractor is equipped with a three-point rear linkage system, which allows you to connect all the necessary machines and devices used in agriculture and more.

        The snow plow is a mechanical version of the SB1300, which is operated (up / down) with a cable connected to the rear linkage. Set the plow blade (right / left) manually.

           The spreader of loose materials, the hopper-type gritter are devices of Polish production, driven by the PTO / PTO shaft of the tractor. The maximum capacity of the sand spreader is 200 liters. The funnel is the so-called: disc and slot funnel, which means that the spread is caused by a disc driven by the tractor PTO shaft.

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