Today we present the Massey Ferguson MF6028 tractor with 28HP 4x4 drive with a front loader and a tractor mower EFGCH125

The Massey Ferguson 6028 tractor is a very compact tractor with small dimensions and relatively high power. Power steering, 2 PTO / PTO speeds and a 3-point linkage are the greatest advantages of this machine. Another advantage that gives our Massey Ferguson MF6028 an advantage is the dimensions (length: 292 cm, width: 109 cm, height 135 cm, wheelbase 152 cm) and weight (980 kg), which makes transporting the tractor much easier and allows for transport tractor with most trailers and smaller tow trucks and even some buses.

The TUR FL300 front loader is a loader of Polish production and made especially for this tractor model. The loader with a bucket capacity of 100-120 liters, a load capacity of 300-350 kg and a lifting height of 200-220 cm, but thanks to the Euro frame (quick assembly frame), we can easily and quickly replace the bucket with other equipment. The most important feature and advantage of the FL300 loader is the ability to quickly disconnect the entire loader from the tractor. This activity does not require the help of another person.

The flail mower, the so-called EFGCH125 mulcher, is a heavy flail mower designed for tractors with a minimum power of 18-20 HP and is attached to the rear linkage with a 3-point linkage system. The mower has a hydraulic travel (about 40 cm), which requires additional hydraulic outputs, if the tractor is not equipped with. The EFGCH125 mower has 20 hammers (flails), weight 0.770 kg, mounted on a fi16 screw. The mower is ideal for mowing wastelands, roadsides and crop residues.