Kubota B2741 4x4 27KM + front loader with bucket opened + LW-5 tractor excavator

The Kubota B2741 lawn tractor is a very versatile and very compact tractor that can be used in any field of agriculture. Its small dimensions and a very powerful engine make the tractor suitable both for mowing grass, as equipment used in tunnel crops or for spraying. 

The LW-5 excavator is an excavator attached to the tractor's three-point linkage and is driven by a hydraulic pump connected to the tractor's PTO shaft, while the digging arm itself can be connected to the tractor's hydraulic system. The LW-5 excavator is one of the smallest models of excavators offered by our company. It is dedicated to tractors with power from 20 HP.

The front loader with which our tractor is equipped is the Platinum version. It has an opening bucket with a width of about 120 cm and the load capacity, depending on the weight of the tractor, is from 250 to 400 kg. The loader has a joystick with a two-section divider, a euro frame and quick hydraulic couplings, thanks to which we can quickly dismantle the bucket by installing other equipment needed for work.

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