Iseki GEAS 33 + rear-side flail mower + TUR front loader

The Iseki GEAS 33 tractor is a 33 horsepower tractor equipped with a 3 cylinder diesel engine and semi-automatic gearbox. Changing the speed of travel (gear reducer fast / slow) is done classically by shifting the lever, the lever for changing the speed of travel, and the gear change itself is done by pressing buttons located on the same lever. The auxiliary tractor has power steering, hydraulic leveling of the rear three-point linkage and REVERSE (a lever located on the left side of the steering wheel, thanks to which we change the direction of the tractor without the need to change gears with a lever. This design solution "eliminates" the classic reverse gear activated by the gear lever. A tractor equipped with REVERSE has the same number of forward gears and the same number of reverse gears, in this case 16 forward and 16 reverse.

The AGL145 rear-side mower with a working width of 145 cm is driven by the tractor's PTO shaft and is dedicated mainly to mowing wasteland, roadsides or pavements where the terrain requires the mower to be extended beyond the tractor. The tractor has 24 hammers, the so-called flails, weighing 770 g, which can be replaced with Y-type knives. The mower requires an additional hydraulic system if the tractor is not equipped with it.

The front loader TUR with a bucket width of 1200 mm is the basic version of the loader produced for our company. The standard loader has a quick mounting system for accessories (euro frame) and can be operated, depending on the version: with a joystick with a button or a distributor with levers. Depending on the weight of the tractor, the loader has a lifting capacity of about 250 to 350 kg.